Gin by Battistella

  • Rating: 10
  • Value: 10
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Proof: 80 Proof (40%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $25.00 375ML

Made in ridiculously small quantities the old fashioned way in a copper pot still, from a finished chardonnay wine (making it a very rare grape base gin), and using a number of Italian botanicals and they dialed down the juniper.

Notes: This is a different style of gin from the much more common London Dry style. (Click on above for styles and definitions of Gin)

It is made in ridiculously small quantities the old fashioned way in a copper pot still, a labor intensive method that has fallen from favor among most distillers. Only the truly committed (or committable) still use copper pot stills to produce truly different artisanal style products, such as this one. This gin also has a number of other distinguishing characteristics beyond that. It is made from a finished chardonnay wine (making it a very rare grape base gin), and also uses a number of Italian botanicals and dialed down the juniper.

Appearance: Clear, bright, a touch of oiliness/viscosity to the body, good long legs, then droplets. Faultless blending of the complex ingredients (does not separate out) speak well to the skill of the distiller.

First Impression: Fennel, basil, vegetal and savory, very dryly aromatic with hints of juniper and Seville orange bouquet in the nose with notes of coriander, angelica, and orris root at the back end. I also suspect a little gentian, enzian or similar bittering herbs.

Taste: Savory, burst of citrus and orange for a fleeting few seconds, sweetness then cardamom, fennel, vegetal herbs, juniper and orange. A very herbal/earthy middle and a dry bracing finish that make you look forward to more. Damned smooth even for 80 proof; warming end but no burn. Delicious!

Drinks: We tried the gin in martinis, gin and tonics and a few more. It is wonderful as a martini with a twist of lemon or an olive. Which is somewhat unusual as many gins are very much one or the other. Due to the orange and bitters notes, it is almost all you need for an Opera, Maidens Prayer, etc. Lends a wonderful if idiosyncratic aromatic delicacy for a large number of classic gin cocktails and I predict it will help spawn many new ones. A truly different gin to work with for new cocktails.

Bottle: We usually have a cynical attitude to fancy packages- a lot of them are just an excuse to charge a lot more money for an indifferent or worse product. This is refreshingly not the case with this product. Stunning deep blue glass bottle with with rounded shoulders, slightly raised silkscreen on glass design and gold script on front. A beautiful attractive package that is very distinctive and makes for a wonderful gift.

Final Thoughts : A unique savory gin that is a sharp departure from almost anything else we have had. Skillfully made, a singular blending of spices and flawless execution in distillation make for a truly outstanding gin.


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