Glenrose Snow Devil Gin

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A lovely gin made in stupendously small batches, even by craft standards. Bottles of this will be as rare as unicorn horns, and taste far better !

Notes: Glenrose is a small distillery even by micro distillery standards – they only had a 4 plater 30 gallon multipurpose still from Artisan Distilling. They just recently added a 100 gallon Bain-Marie multipurpose from StillDragon and a small home brew experimental rig.

Using a variety of 8 different New York State apples which are pressed by hand at the distillery the father and son team of Jim and Matt Sloboda ferment the resulting juice and distill it in their Moonshiner Company hybrid pot stills after ruining it through a copper stripping still to make a gluten free apple eau de vie cut with springwater from their well as a base for the gin. They use only 8 well chosen botanicals many of which are grown on their farm to produce this gin. The actual process of this is that they take the herbs ( many of which are hung and dried at the distillery) and steep them in apple spirit for 15 hours and then

Appearance: Clear as rainwater and silvery in appearance, no separation of oils ,well blended. On swirling the gin leaves a whisper thin coating on the glass very few legs forming and a rapid transformation to sparkling droplets

First Impression: Lovely flowery notes from the elderflower, which makes for a sumptuous, almost juicy bouquet which contrasts highly with the usual stark dry gin bouquets in a refreshing way. A full, almost fatty, oily, and perfume like bouquet with the elderflower with  citrus and spice notes, the juniper dwelling in the background providing whispers of pine and juniper berry and forming a skeleton from which the other spices and botanicals depend

Taste: Thick, sensuous entry, oily and full ( again in sharp contrast to some bone dry and thin gins)with a touch of almost Old Tom sweetness followed by a spicy drying and tingling with a crisp apple eau de vie backbone. Finishes with a lingering elderflower and juniper oily spiciness with a long pleasant fade to it.

Drinks: Makes for a stunning and almost sinful gin and tonic, with a mouthfeel that is full and nicely heavy. Just use a decent tonic water to compliment- not detract from the gin, Either a Fever Tree, Q, or similar tonic should do nicely sir. A martini from this

Bottle: Clear glass bell shape, . Heavier decanter type bottom lends an attractive appearance and adds a nice sense of heft to the bottle. Large Snow blue/gray paper label   with better abrasion and spill resistance so bottle stays looking nice.  The main graphic of their logo ( a snow devil or very mini snow tornado/vortex similar to a dust devil)  and their bottle graph to make a distinctive label that can be spotted at a distance. Label is easy to identify and read, also attractive and catches the eye. Stand out on a bar or store shelf. Closure is a natural cork topped by a disk of finished wood and a clear plastic neck capsule.

Other: I love their (back) label statement “Produced in painfully small batches” Actually that translates in 3 gallon runs or one case of 12 750 ML bottles – that IS painfully small, handmade, production.

Glenrose also produces an  aged Applejack or Apple Brandy, 2 Pear Brandies,   Batch 1 and Batch 2, an unaged whiskey , and several editions/releases of their Old Saloon Four Grain Malt Whiskey ( we reviewed Barrel/Batch 111, and 14 ) along with a truly outstanding Absinthe made in the Pontarlier Style. Check their Facebook or website pages for updates.

Final Thoughts: Thoughtfully and carefully made in a REAL handcrafted, hands on way, this gin not only bursts with flavor, but originality and sincerity .

Fairly simple and straightforward webpage- easy to navigate and full of humorous drawings too.

Facebook Page:
More up to date with more photos, events, etc., ( Whose isn’t?)

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