Gourry De Chadeville Cognac

  • Rating: 10
  • Value: 9
Type: ,
Proof: 128.6 (64.3 %)
Age: Unknown

One of the most challenging,complex and delightful bottles of cognac I have ever had.

Notes: One of the smallest and oldest cognac distilleries that has a cognac commercially available in the United States ( all of 330 bottles at present), imported by PM Spirits, an importer/purveyor of strange and wonderful products from all over the world.In Order to not repeat all the highly detailed ( and a seriously fun and geeky read for enthusiasts of such things) this is a link to all the information about this cognac. Made on a very small farm using two small stills the smallest one at 7 hectoliters (185 gallons roughly) ) is one of he last wood fired cognac stills in use.Distilled at 141 proof, aged in used Limousine Oak cask and bottled at 128.6 proof (what if eventually came out to be after aging)

Appearance: Clear deep gold color, age uncertain but I would guess just a few years old (maybe 4? hard to tell with used cask).On swirling it leaves a nice oily edge line on the glass which then goes to some widely spaced legend some droplets.

First Impression: Dried fruits, saddle leather,  apples, hints of nutmeg, raisins,vanilla,egg white, (cake like smells)  alcohol despite its high strength very much in th background and adding structure and lift to an intense but subtle bouquet.

Taste: Lovely thick entry almost like an oil at first, until the alcohol starts to volatilize on your tongue and start to rapidly dry.Fruity aromatic entry which then begins to feel a bit fatty, with a very pleasant apple and pear sweetness. Lovely bourbon like notes with a long finish that generates a fair amount of warmth but little burn (especially for the proof ) with a lot of very complex and charmingly oddness from the wood firing – caramelized sugars and char notes and some heavy, oily compounds that make this a wonderfully complex and interesting cognac to consider and contemplate.

Drinks: Did not have enough of it to really mix drinks with.I friend of mine gave me enough for a good write up from his bottle. Also it seems like a waste of a very special cognac to mix this. Speaking of which, use a more open glad when tasting it. With this kind of proof even the most gentle spirit could still be overwhelming.

Bottle: Classic clear glass brandy/cognac bottle of sparkling French gall and simple but very detailed paper labels almost more like lab samples, conveying a maximum of information, rather than something that looks stylish and slick.

Other: One of the last examples of a spirit from a direct ( especially a wood fired) still tastes like.History, insight, and complexity in a bottle.

Final Thoughts: If you are into cognac this is a must have bottle of delightful and confounding oddity and complexity.


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