Grey Goose Le Citron

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 5
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Proof: 80 (40%) Note higher proof than many flavored vodkas (Avg. 70)
Price: $29.00 750 ML
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Actually O.K. If you are looking for a Citron flavored vodka

Notes: Grey Goose,  the 800 lb gorilla of vodka, has launched any number of flavors over the years. While we have not been fans of their vodka for a while  because it costs a lot of money for an at best a mediocre product in the form of their regular Grey Goose Vodka we do give them a grudging  nod in that they have not pandered to the lowest common denominator in the way that 3 Olives, Pinnacle, Smirnoff  or 360 vodka does with coming out with vodka flavors that just the flavor name makes our skin crawl (i.e. bubble gum, glazed doughnut, fluffed marshmallow, whipped cream etc.,) and a host of other  candied chemical vodkas like so many others of late. They do seem to have shown some restraint and tried to go with more or less recognizable ( we hesitate to call them classic)  flavors

Appearance: Sparkling clear, somewhat viscous appearance, on swirling leaves a thick edge line with large droplets and legs slowly forming.

First Impression: The vodka does in fact smell like citrons, with a slight bitterness from the pith which denotes the use of real fruit so points for that

Taste: A decent vodka with citron flavors and a lingering citron oil taste

Drinks: They have a series of cocktails on their webpage. It’s a bit like a spiced rum in terms of drinks – either you like the bouquet of what they use and it works for you, or you chose another brand.

Bottle: Frosted bottle of course ( their signature it seems) but whereas many people have copied the frosted bottle motif, they seem to be copying the Van Gogh Vodka series in terms of a reverse impressionistic painting down to  signature Van Gogh colors.

Other: If you look carefully,  you will find that the term “World’s best tasting vodka” is a trademarked slogan, not a statement of fact. Check other reviews and ratings for real results not trademarks, think and try other vodkas for yourself.

Final Thoughts: Not nearly as foul as many other  Citron or citrus flavored vodkas out there,  actually drinkable and pleasant.



Quite a complex and multilayered website with oodles of information and drink recipes. Relatively easy to navigate and great graphics.

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