Hacienda De Chihuahua Vinomex, S.A. DE.C.V.

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 6
Proof: 72 (36%)
Age: 2 Years
Price: $34.00 - 750 ML

A very light and mild version of Sotol, or maybe the vodka of Sotol to be less charitable.

Notes: This sotol is produced in Chihuahua, the traditional area for sotol. Sotol is the state drink of Chihuahua and has its own NOM ( the Mexican government version of appellation) The plant sotol, or dasylirion wheeler is found abundantly in Northern Mexico and also in the Southwest of the United States (mainly used for landscaping due to its little need for water). It takes about 5-7 years for a sotol plant to reach maturity and 1 plant yields roughly 1 bottle of sotol. So this will never be a really mass produced product or commonly available. They wildcraft the sotol and every part is used for something. The stalk is made into walking sticks and the kiote (fibers) can be woven into baskets. There are a reposado and also a 5 year old anejo by this company. all are aged in new French oak barrels.

Appearance: Light straw yellow, clear, no sediment or bits floating in it.. On swirling it leaves a very light coating on the glass it first forms some drops and the edgeline which then become droplets. Quite different behavior than a grain spirit,

First Impression: Slightly smoky, phenolic (iodine), some savory, lime, citrus, with a apple wood kind of smoke to it.

Taste: Smoky in a strangely charming, slightly slippery and sweet way with leather, tobacco, oak, alkali notes. Sweetish, earthy and savory notes Reminds me quite a bit of smoked salmon type of smoke. Somewhat like a tequila in the savory and slightly briny point but definitely different. Lighter in taste and body than a tequila.

Drinks:I think however that there are some definite possibilities for substituting this for tequila in some cocktails to create a whole new family of cocktails, there is a slight amount of smoke to play with and add depth.

Cigars: A nice full-bodied cigar.

: Quite a elaborate package. The bottle is horseshoe or flask shaped clear glass with a hand hammered metal texture to the glass. The front label is a medallion with a deckled edge. Below is a small square label barrel and bottle number. In addition there is a side label with all the usual required information. The bottle is topped by a stopper with a large wooden stopper top and a natural cork bottom. Around this is a leather thong which wraps around the neck of the bottle,over the stopper and is covered by a wax seal on the shoulder of the bottle.

Final Thoughts: Interesting, very smooth but slightly lacking in character compared to some we have had. More of a Sotol lite – which is fine if you are looking for a lighter form of a product I guess to start out with…If I were to use a scotch analogy this would be a Highland and Don Cuco would be a full on Islay.


interesting website with a fair amount of information.

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