Hot Monkey

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
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Ingredients: ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $ 15 750 ML
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This vodka is quite unusual in that it uses 5 different types of pepper to achieve the layered complexity of the blend .

Notes: This vodka uses 5 different types of pepper to achieve the layered complexity of the blend – unlike many a few other vodkas I could name that use only one if that-some use extracts and caramel coloring,

AppearanceClear, burnished copper appearance no sediment whatsoever. On swirling, it leaves a a thicker clear coat on the inside of the glass and displays some very almost symmetrical legs on swirling .Unlike some other pepper vodkas the oils do not separate or bead up.This shows a good emulsification and blending – these guys obviously know what they are up to.

First Impression: Wonderful hot pepper smell-the oils go right into the sinuses and clear them out.One way to clear your head in the morning.You catch the distinctive whiff of multiple varieties of hot pepper as inhale-carefully.

TasteOily mouth fell and body, rolls across the the tongue with the oil of the hot peppers that feel as subtle as a napalm strike in a few seconds,coating your tongue with a blast of smoked chipotle and Scotch bonnet among others. Very intense then subsiding to a warm glow after about a minute. Flame, heat, and flavor- a rollercoaster to hell. Great stuff! Enjoy the ride.

DrinksOf course it makes a wonderful Bloody Mary, and a number of other drinks calling for a heat component. The smoke and fire also led to some interesting attempts at substituting it for scotch in some recipes also for new more intense twists on some old cocktails. Our martini attempts were interesting and they worked very well with a number of appetizers. It’s well worth some exploring and experimenting.

Final ThoughtsAn excellent value for the money – much better than most pepper vodkas (that cost more), I love the complexity of the peppers flavors and the vodka base itself is exceptionally clean and smooth. A well made product that is a great addition to anyone’s bar. As a sidebar google “Here’s PROOF that stupidity is painful,” (in quotes) to find a reference of this vodka that you may never forget.

Bottle: Generic clear glass, and NO frosting unlike the sea of others. Simple paper label and graphics pasted directly onto the glass. Actually less is more in that the bottle stands out because of the plainess. No nonsense, straightforward, shows the vodka to good effect.


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