Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 6
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Proof: 92 (46%)
Age: 3 Months
Price: $40.00 - 375 ML
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A very unique bourbon, great example of a young, but well done whiskey.

Notes: A very unique bourbon (we almost put it in the American Whiskey category) it is double distilled then aged in 3 gallon casks (industry standard is 53 gallons) so the aging/wood to whiskey ratio is much higher than standard.This yields an interesting taste profile as you have a good wood component in a young fresh tasting whiskey – usually a mutually exclusive proposition. Each bottle is hand filled and numbered.
Appearance:Copper penny/patinad copper color – a younger whisky than some we have tried recently (older whisky has more of a red shift in the color). Corn, vanilla and crisp oak notes on nosing. Nice edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whisky forms scallops and a few thin legs on swirling.

First Impression: Corn and oak. You can smell the oak’s influence on the whiskey in the peppery scent and the vanilla notes. Lots of oak influence on the whisky both in color and smell.

Taste: Corn, oak, vanilla and some fresh ginger notes with some sweetness to it. Vanilla and caramel come out from the oak barrels. Warming finish with fat oaky notes,balanced by vanilla and sweetness of the corn.

Drinks: We tried it in a Manhattan and it came out well.You may want to adjust things a bit as the Hudson is a bit sweeter than some but it works nicely. Given the price though we prefer to drink it straight or you may wish to add a dash of (unchlorinated) water. Please, no ice! It is a very nice whiskey on its own and should be appreciated as such.

Cigars: Yes, works well with a milder cigar, cuts the nicotine/tar right through.

Final Thoughts: Youngish with some rough edges,but a far amount of roguish charm to it.old style. A good  example of a young, but well done whiskey.

Bottle: Clear heavy glass very much like a apothecary bottle with a real cork closure and wax seal give it a traditional look. Simple wraparound paper label with notations as to year batch and bottle number. It was a nice holdover and in style with the whisky it contained.

UPDATE : Tuthilltown was sold to William Grant and Sons and the whiskies are now made somewhere else with unknown distilling and aging conditions.

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