iStabilizer smartMount “Smartphone Tripod Adapter”

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Quick synopsis of the review

Notes: iStabilizer is a photography accessory company specially in higher end, quality , accessories to use for an iPhone or similar devices

Appearance: Flat black plastic 1 1/2inches wide and about 3 inches long collapsed , about 4 inches stretched out, with ridged gripper feet in the lined jaws. Threaded brass screw inserts for mounts on both center of back and bottom of unit.

First Impression: Well constructed out of Hi Impact plastic, with strong springs, ridged plastic, rubber grips that won’t mar or mark you case. Solid, inset brass screw holes both for bottom and back mounting to a narcistick, monopod, or tripod or any size from mini to full sized.

Directions and Instructions: Very straight forward, not a lot to teach you.

Testing: Works great and has a much firmer grip than most similar gadgets. Far superior Construction and very robust for what it is

Other: They have many other great products also. While more money than cheap knock offs , they are all quality builds. If you value the equipment that you are attaching to them, I would highly recommend these products. Buying cheap mounts for cameras is like buying a cheap parachute – sooner or later it is going to fail catastrophically …

Final Thoughts: Why cheap out and use the probably questionable mount on a selfie stick for a $600 phone that could easily get broken, lost or stolen at the end of anything with less positive workmanship and sheer grip ?



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