Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto

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  • Value: 5
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Proof: 40 (20%)
Price: $35 750 ML
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Bottle of Italicus Roso di Bergamotto

Expensive for what it is. While it is well made, I personally find it expensive and maybe a little specialized a taste for wider use.

Notes: Made from a recipe dating back to 1850 this is an Italian Aperitif that is dominated by the flavor of Bergamot. The ingredient list itself is Calabrian bergamot oranges, chamomile, Sicilian citron, lavender, yellow rose petals, and gentian root.

Appearance: Clear as a bell, oily, it almost seems like a light oil or glycerin when you pour it.

First Impression: Intensely herbal, floral, and citrus all at once in a bit of a jumble the lavender, bergamot with the chamomile and gentian all vie for your attention at once leaving you intrigued, if a bit confused…..

Taste: Sweet, floral, and glycerin like entry followed by a bracing chamomile and gentian bitterness that takes the somewhat syrupy edge off and gives structure. Lingering floral with whisper of bitter brings it back around for a medium-long entry

Drinks: Great with prosecco, adds complexity, depth, and lot a lot of extra alcohol to make a balanced aperitif.

Bottle: Beautiful blue-green ribbed bottle in a Beaux-arts execution with a simple label so as not to obscure the glasswork, an adequate neck and nice lip for a good grip, and a harlequin colored edge to the cork faux cameo design on the top of the cork give it a lovely feel. Reminiscent of a turn of the century soda siphon, a fancy and eye-catching product that would look lovely in a bar, bar cart or tray.

Other: This might have some interesting mixing possibilities but would take some teasing out to find some good one. Price is somewhat prohibitive unless you are a fan of this particular product.

Final Thoughts: While I think this is a well-made product and interesting it is not to my personal taste frankly. If you follow my enthusiasms in terms of taste ( see the On Choosing a Spiritual Advisor article) you will come to the same conclusions I did. On the other hand, if you are a fan of sweet and bergamot, this is tailored to you


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