Jacob Bromwell Copper Flask

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A handmade piece of art. A unique standout from the usual in many ways.

Notes: Jacob Bromwell is a manufacturer of kitchen products and gifts that was founded in 1819 and still in business to this day. They still make their products here in the USA ( to be more specific in Chattanooga, Tennessee) and make them from scratch – making many of the tools, dies and machines to make the articles they sell. One of the very few flasks still made in the USA, the rather impressive story of the company can be found here. They produce a number of mostly gourmet kitchen and food utensils made as they were around the turn of the century. Great attention is paid to detail to quality of material, workmanship, and detail.Their items are only found online and cannot be found in stores. Every one of these flask is handmade passing through up to 5 different workers hands to completion and authentic in every detail right down to a birch stopper ( also supplied with modern-day cork for better seal too).

Appearance: At first glance, you immediately take it that this is not your average flask. Slightly larger ( 9 fluid ounces rather than the usual 8) it appears and weighs to have some serious material used to build it, not some cheap stainless flask that easily flexes on squeezing, this solid copper flask is hot tinned internally (almost a lost art anymore in and of itself). Soldered not welded seams just like those used in a properly made still – with a handmade look and feel to it. Minor cosmetic imperfections let you know this was made by a person and not a series of soulless machines. Like a beautiful woman, it has a few minor imperfections that lend charm, depth and individuality to each one. Internal hot tin lining is thick and solid and will keep your spirits well insulated from off-flavors and unlike a pewter flask won’t leach lead into your tipple within hours. Small solid copper cleat allows you to attach a chain or lanyard to the flask, either for the cork or maybe a safety line to you or your kit so the flask does not get lost or take a walk. A very antique or retro look overall that harks back to a preindustrial handmade age. Would look equally good in a Civil War reenactment or coming out of a modern-day suit or bag, it harks back to an earlier age. Shiny as a newly minted penny when it arrives the flask is uncoated so it well start to acquire a patina after a while or you can polish, wax, or seal it with a lacquer if you like, but I prefer to let it age with the grace that few of us can match, slowly acquiring the patina and scars, that tell of a life fully lived.

Testing and Field Use: We have been filling the flask and dragging it around with us for a few weeks now. Large mouth to the flask lets you fill and empty it (either into glasses or mouth directly) easily. Nice smooth flow both in and out without any slopping, gurgling or fuss.There is an optional solid copper funnel available that would be a lovely addition, especially as a gift set, but we don’t have one to test. Flask does not leak and the natural cork makes for a good seal. Fits the hand nicely . Overall a good rugged item that stands up in the field. Copper is starting to oxidize to a more subtle patinated appearance. Clean up was just flushing it out with nonchlorinated water, wiping it off and leaving upside down to dry

Other: The flask offers a number of corking/stopper options unlike a number of (read virtually every other) flasks, which have permanent and/or attached stoppers of some variety. While these are useful they do have a number of drawbacks. The primary drawback is that you can’t change out the seals that can retain flavors from strongly flavored spirits. With a cork you can just of course toss it and easily get another one, which leads me to the second drawback – unless your flask has what they call a captive closure or cap you risk losing it ( especially in a crowded space or alternatively down the storm grate in that alley you chose for an intimate nip). Once a flask top/cap is gone they are hard to replace – not to mention you know have an open flask with no way to close it. This flask avoids these problems, and you can of course keep a cork or two in a small ziploc bag as a spare for a very minimal cost. Lifetime warranty – what other flask offers that these days, and how many cheap flasks have you thrown away ? Also as something that cost a decent amount of money and is a high quality item worth protecting,  this flask actually saves you money in the long run, as you will keep it, take care of it,  and not casually lose it somewhere unlike a lot of others you had before ( someone long ago taught me that lesson about pens).

Final Thoughts: One of the few truly unique flasks out there and one that shows a sense of style and ruggedness. The kind of flask that unlike the sea of others out there stands out and is something you would pass on to offspring. In the interim you can enjoy a well made, distinctive flask that has a timeless and attractive appearance. While a good bit more than a run of the mill flask, this flask is entirely handmade from solid copper with great attention to detail. If you care about quality and uniqueness and want a flask that will stand out ( and not go to the other end of the technology and time spectrum with those $500 plus carbon fiber flasks) this is the one to get.Timeless design and quality.


A fairly straightforward website with  good history,who they are, and how they make it sections. Easy to navigate with good descriptions and pictures of all the items they have to offer.

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