Jacob Bromwell Solid Copper Funnel

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A well made solid copper funnel to fill your flask with.Looks nice, works well, durable, and lifetime guarantee

Notes: Founded in 1819, Jacob Bromwell® proudly holds the distinction of being the oldest kitchenware and housewares manufacturer in North America, and is the oldest known manufacturer of copper, stainless steel, and tin products in the United States. They produce a number of high-end quality products such as baking pans and sheets, popcorn poppers, flour sifters, ( they hold the patent on the design of all subsequent flour sifters ever since), graters, chestnut roasters. All of their products are of outstanding quality and designed for multigenerational service life ( as in leave it in your will and pass it down). Everything also comes with an (at least one) lifetime guarantee. Completely made in the USA and requiring no batteries or electricity to function their products set a standard that is hard to beat.

They also produce a number of pieces of drinkware such as tin cups, solid copper shot glasses and coasters, and such, but we are going to review one of the accessories for their Prestige Copper flasks in this review, in this instance their solid copper funnel.

The Luxury Copper Flasks come in three different flavors or types as it were; Prestige Copper, Hammered Copper, and Special Edition. We did a review of one of their Prestige Copper and one of their Special edition Flasks. There are a few accessories to maintain and customize their flasks and this is certainly one to have ! Other accessories are leather sleeves, copper polish, and assorted bits and bobs of hardware.

What distinguishes these funnels from the forest of other funnels out there? Materials and workmanship, attention to detail, fit, and finish among other things. These are not some artisanal, handcrafted, items in the negative sense of the words- like made by hand by some not even apprentice-level person at a craft fair but made by true artisans who have years of training and skill and their flasks reflect this level. This funnel was originally made in 1819 by Jacob Bromwell and the company has been making them ever since.

Appearance: Heavy solid copper construction and weigh in at a reassuring almost 4 ounces, where most flasks weigh in at 4 ounces! That should give you an idea of the metal involved here. There is even a premium, heavier version available too. The devil is in the details here, with traditional soldering rather than welding for authenticity. Unlike most metal funnels these days you can’t easily flex the metal on this one.  Body is one sheet of copper ) – with the seam running up the center the tubular part of the funnel is a single piece of drawn copper soldered to the bottom of the cone. A nice tactile feel and makes it feel nice in your hand. You will have little excuse to drop or fumble this flask!

First Impression: Extremely well built, with great attention to detail, fit, and finish. All the details are very well thought out and there seems to be no scrimping on materials. Neck/tube is a good bit longer, sturdier,  to make it more stable when inserted into a flask. Fit and finish are also very tight and the thickness of the copper is quite good. Design is well executed and even across the entire piece. The whole flask is far superior to any other modern-day flask we know of.

Directions and Instructions: They have special instructions on the care of your flask here.

Testing:  Solid copper will keep metal transfer from otherwise flavoring of your contents. Top of the funnel and neck/tube part are both wide enough for an easy feel and the neck being slightly longer makes for a more stable funnel fit and a little extra warning that the flask is near full when the neck of the funnel starts to fill.

Other: Comes wrapped in a heavy cellophane bag inside a rustic looking woven fiber and drawstring pouch with silkscreenedCC13  on pouch inside a corrugated and stapled cardboard box, Nice presentation overall. Also, there is a well-made presentation box with a sliding lid available for an additional fee which is a very nice touch for both gifting and long-term storage of your flask and funnel.

Final Thoughts: If you want the best handmade funnel out there this is the Ne Plus Ultra ( there is no better). Yes, you can spend more money on silver, gold, or carbon fiber, but when it comes to overall quality and ruggedness you can’t beat this funnel


Well laid out, fast loading and easy to navigate site with lots of pictures and detailed information. One of the best websites we have seen in a long time!


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