Judd’s Wreckin Ball Corn Whiskey

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 10
Type: , ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Price: $27.99 - 750 ml
Price Range:

A vey impressive first product by a new distiller. One of the best Corn Whiskeys we have tasted. We have high hopes for anything else he produces and look forward to his further efforts !

Notes: From the people at Hidden Marsh Distillery who brought us Bee Vodka  comes a corn whiskey made from  100 % organic heirloom corn. Distilled to 140 proof to maintain plenty of the flavors and characteristics of the corn ( rather than distilling to 190 proof to strip any character out the way most vodka producers do) then rested, cut to 80 proof and bottled .

Appearance: Faultlessly clear bright appearance, nice heavy body to it with a good oily edge line on swirling with rapidly forming thin legs, then tears forming.

First Impression: Very promising creamy corn notes with a almost seductive heavy bouquet that promises a lot of corn grin,butter, and a slight creamy sweetness with lovely smooth alcohol notes and no cutting, spiritous notes. Just about every nice smell a good aged spirit can give.

Taste: Somehow grainy and creamy at the same time, think ground corn in a creamy, slightly oily almost batter like mouthfeel with a nice fatty mouthfeel to it.Slightly corn sweet entry with a nicely lingering drying finish.

Drinks: We did a number of cocktails with this whiskey and even came up with some new recipes . It proved itself quite versatile and charming, adding a lot of nice flavors and some serious weight to the body and mouthfeel without overpowering a drink.

Bottle: Heavy  clear glass with heavy decanter like bottom.Very reminiscent of an old style clay jug in shape – down to th finger ring handle in the shoulder/neck area of the bottle. What really sets it apart from some other similar bottles is the amassing label art work and the wrecking ball on a chain neck seal. Altogether a distinctive and attractive package that will stand out on a bar shelf (either a home or professional bar )

Cigars : Try it with a Ashton Shade Grown wrapper, Macanudo Cafe′ or similar spicy cigar


Final Thoughts: Definitely one of the best cornwhiskies I have tasted.  Only reason we didn’t give it a 10 olive rating is I think the proof is a bit modest and could be a touch higher. A 100 proof edition would show off the product a bit better and give it a touch more taste and authority. A barrel strength  limited edition would be a real show stopper even at a premium price.


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