Kahlúa Coffee Cream

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 8
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Proof: 17 (34%)
Price: $17.99 750ML
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For those who want to take the edge of their morning or anytime. If you like Kahlúa you’ll love the Cofee Cream.

Notes: This is the latest addition to the recent Kahlúa line of flavored Coffee Liqueur products – the others being the Kahlúa French Vanilla,Kahlúa Hazelnut and Kahlúa Mocha. These are in addition to the original Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur which is reviewed here. Kahlúa is made from 100% arabica beans and all their coffee is roasted and processed in Veracruz, Mexico allowing them total control over the roasting and processing of all the coffee going into all their Kahlúa products. Slightly lower proof (34) than the regular Kahlúa (40).

Brought out as a limited edition (read test) bottling it does save having to keep refrigerated cream or milk handy for a number of drinks. Not to mention if you run out of cream for your coffee in the morning it’s one more good reason to add it to the morning coffee for a slightly more relaxed, slower start to the day or evening.

First Impression
 Coffee notes with sweetness first, followed by the mocha / chocolate notes with the alcohol wrapping around both.The mocha has hints of chocolate, malt and vanilla in the mix.

Appearance: Tan / chocolate caramel color, opaque, on swirling leaves a even, somewhat thick mily cream line with lower thin spirit coat on the glass with some legs developing.

Taste: Sweet, creamy / oily mouth feel intense coffee, cream,cinnamon, vanilla, then a lingering pleasant alkali taste, and a long aftertaste. Only mild alcohol aftertaste, smooth and sweet overall.

Drinks: We found all of their proprietary recipes to be excellent, and any number of recipes on the web for drinking and cooking. We chose do to try both – including the brownies and milkshakes. Avoid using an acidic or citrus mixer as the liqueur will clot and curdle like two different blood types – aesthetically ugly but not harmful.

Bottle: Dark brown glass bottle (somewhat bullet shaped) that is almost immediately identifiable as Kahlúa with the signature red ribbon ,but there the similarities diverge- “K” wax seal on shoulder on shoulder and screw cap are colored more Cafe au Lait (read light tan) and the color scheme is carried over in the labeling making it look more like a bottle of iced coffee than a liquor bottle..

Final Thoughts: A very nice variation of Kahlúa- exceeded our expectations of a line extension. Very convenient to use and much easier to deal with than Kahlúa and a diary product seperately. Excellent taste and easy to use – a winning combination of both ingredients and convenience. If you like Kahlúa you’ll love the Cofee Cream.


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