Kahlúa Peppermint

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  • Value: 8
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Proof: 40 (20%)
Price: $17.99 750ML
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Actually much better than you would think.

Notes: Part of the recent Kahlúa line extension other products being theKahlúa French Vanilla Kahlúa Mocha, Kahlúa Hazelnut, and Kahlúa and Cream. The original Kahlúa Coffee Liqueur is reviewed here.
I have to admit some bias or maybe the correct terms might be bitter experience and by extension Pavlovian conditioning of a particularly nasty sort towards a lot of peppermint concoctions….

I am usually quite wary of peppermint as it is usually in some godawful corn syrup,cheap grain alcohol, and chemicals concoction attempting to taste like peppermint candy to tempt the underaged that leads to hangovers of near terminal vileness, I am happy (and relieved) to report that none of these is the case with this product.

First Impression: Deep almost sensual notes of coffee wrapping around the mint sweetness aromatic, and the mocha , with the alcohol wrapping around all three.The peppermint actually smells like it came from the actual green plant, not a chemical plant in New Jersey.

Appearance: Pleasing bronze/caramel color, on swirling leaves an even, gesso (egg white) -like thick coat on the glass with some legs developing.

Taste: Sweet, creamy/oily mouth feel sweet coffee, peppermint, mocha touch of vanilla a lingering finish that transitions to a somewhat aromatic mint, coffee and cocoa syrup taste with a long sweetish aftertaste.

Drinks: We found all of their proprietary recipes to be excellent, and any number of recipes on the web for drinking and cooking. Might just be my additive of choice to my hot chocolate this winter too. Adds some nice mocha and mint flavors and layers of taste to all the usual Kahlúa recipes.

Bottle: Dark brown glass bottle (somewhat bullet shaped) that is almost immediately identifiable as Kahlúa with the modifier of Peppermint Mocha near the bottom of the label and a Limited Edition shoulder flash with a red ribbon near the top.

Final Thoughts: A very nice variation of Kahlúa- much exceeded our expectations of a line extension. Peppermint is a much abused flavor and Kahlúa seems to have treated it nicely with it’s use in this liqueur.


Quick-loading webpage with descriptions of other varieties of Kahlúa, drinks recipes, and a rather disappointing and shallow amount of other information after a promising layout that fails to deliver.

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