Kiehl’s Creative Cream Wax

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Price: $16.00 1.75 oz- 50 grams
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Excellent old school type product for a classic look

Notes: In business since 1851 Kiehls has provided generations of bartenders ( men and women) with high quality grooming products. Before I could find mustache was in Rochester (still can’t, but now I order online) I was using this stuff. Also to keep my long hair in some sort of order. A non greasy cream wax for hair, facial hair or whatever

Appearance:Round hair pomade container white with black top. Cream itself is white ( goes clear on application). Smells old school, spice,menthol, like your grandfathers hair cream but lightly  scented

First Impression : Slightly slippery but not sticky, pleasant but not overwhelming

Directions and Instructions: Put it on your hands then smooth it into your hair, refresh if needed.

Testing: Holds nicely without feeling like shellac or plaster.. Is not glaringly apparent , does not build up. works well and cleans off hands and hair easily.

Other: Old school with a few modern ingredients for better performance.

Final Thoughts: Decent stuff tat works well just wish they had an unscented version for when you don’t want any smell.


Their home page for all sorts of products.

Their Mens Wing :’s-Wing/kmw_article_39,default,pg.html

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