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Proof: 146 (73%)
Age: Not Applicable
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Might be better as a bitter tonic (Amaro) than thought of as an Absinth(e)

Note: This is a Czech Absinth hence it contains less fennel, anise and mint than French or Swiss Absinthes. The distillery dates from 1518. This particular absinth uses a molasses base (most other absinth(e) use either a sugar beet, grain or sometimes grain base). It also has a small amount of wormwood in the bottle itself. Unlike many of the current crop of Czech Absinths it does not use artificial coloring. Indeed the color looks true to the use of dried wormwood

First Impression: Wormwood, bitter orange, fennel, mint – hyssop, alcohol is fumes are heavy as one might expect at 146 proof. Sweetish and minty smell overall with traces of coriander and cubeb.

Appearance: Clear, bright yellow green color in bottle. On swirling, leaves a thin coat on the glass with scalloping and very thin legs developing. Louche is poor to nonexistent compared to a French Absinthe.

Taste: Rum like molasses notes, bitter orange and wormwood. Not terribly complex, with a distinct bitter drying on the back of the tongue. Hot, drying finish in the throat with a mint tingling. The rum like notes do give it some rum like notes and depth. The ingredients however are not married as well as they could be and are rather distinct form each other rather than forming a harmonious whole.

Drinks: Like every other Czech Absinthe this virtually has no louche. There are a number of cocktails on their website that may be of interest.Frankly they were not to our taste.

Other: I recommend a 5-1 dilution or more.

Bottle: Clear squarish flask glass bottle shape with flattened edges giving it a more premium appearance. Clear printed plastic labels with gargoyle on front and black screw cap.

Final Thoughts: More of a wormwood and orange bitter than anything. That said maybe it’s best use would be as a bitter rather than a base ingredient. Distillation is good. If you like Czech style you might find this one interesting. Better than Hills or King of Spirits.


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