Kringle Cream Liqueur

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
Ingredients: , , , , , , , , , ,
Proof: 30 (15%)
Price: $19.99 750 ML

Interesting, complex and quite drinkable, words I don’t usually use for a spiced cream liqueur….

Notes: An interesting cooperative effort between Deaths Door Distillers and Don Q Rum, this is a spiced rum cream liqueur which is meant to emulate a Nordic pastry with fruits,nuts and spices that is covered in a sweet icing. Made with real Wisconsin cream,Don Q rum and a variety of fruit and spices it is an interesting new product that causes one to stretch their imagination a bit.

Appearance: Creamy white,viscous, on swirling coats the glass in a very even layer with no trace of separation – a very hard to do trick !

First Impression: Butterscotch, marzipan,cinnamon,  allspice, dark fruits, dates, vanilla, ginger and cream milk/butter notes to it.

Taste: Delicious, creamy, ball the scents and tastes from the above in a creamy liquid with a lovely smooth ginger cinnamon dark fruit melange of sweetness.

Drinks: Works well with bourbon on ice or in a hot drink ( add a lot of depth and complexity to a cup of coffee and takes the edge of the caffeine in a nice way). Great as a substitute or swap in for a lot of cocktails calling for cream or milk  (Stingers,Russians, Alexanders,etc., )

Bottle: Dark tan/brown coated/finished glass bottle with white and light tan lettering,cream colored neck wrap topped with an artificial cork and topper to finish the package.

Other: Similar to Amarula Cream but much better

Final Thoughts: A very interesting, complex and lovely liqueur  that is quite interesting if a bit over the top.


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