Lady Absinthe Water Fountain

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Price: $245.00 (Plus Shipping)

If you are into Absinthe (or even Pastis) in a serious way, you need one of these!

Overview: If you are into Absinthe (or even Pastis) in a serious way, you need one of these! It is used to drip the water (over sugar usually) into a glass of absinthe or pastis from a height to help dissolve the sugar and for a little bar theater. Handmade, mouthblown glass, metallic silver/chrome type plating over brass with four spouts and spigots for up to four glasses of absinthe at one time (showy and eliminates the line at parties).

Appearance: Well-made, no mold marks (glass is blown) bowl is nicely and tastefully accented by engraving (wheel cut I believe). Casting is solid, heavy and decently done. Fit and finish is excellent if not fine, especially considering the price. Dimensions: Height 24 inches overall, 11.75 inches under the spout so will accommodate all glasses and still have plenty of fall to dissolve sugar (and look nice).

First Impression: Nicely made, looks good and sturdy and stylish at the same time.

Testing: Easy to fill, top rests on large metal ring on top of glass reservoir, lifts off to reveal large chamber with good size opening to allow easy filling with water and ice. Large weighted base is reassuring – not easy to tip over. Spigots and fittings turn easily,flow very adjustable and nothing leaks. Easy and straight-forward to break down for cleaning afterwards.

Cons: Not many. A little space intensive- just have to find enough room to safely display it somewhere.

Final Thoughts: Altogether, a beautiful thing. I admired these in France and was thrilled to be able to get one over here. Trying to bring one of these back in my luggage would have been a nightmare- and shipping it?  Can’t insure packages- not worth the risk. Cheapest I have seen for prices of all the things they carry.

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