Large Keyring Compass

  • Rating: 3
  • Value: 4
Price: $3.95 Plus Shipping
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Better than some of its size but still not recommended. Buy a real one.

Notes: A larger gimbal mounted in fluid keychain compass.

Appearance:  2 ½ inch wide ( 1 inch wide compass) attached by a D ring to a key ring with nylon pull fob. Does NOT have illuminated markings ( but looks like it)

First Impression: Larger than the usual small plastic compass and easier to read.

Directions and InstructionsNone

Testing: Easy to use, relatively accurate.

Other: A bit large and slightly dorky looking. But easy to find because of it

Final Thoughts:  While I always recommend carrying a compass because you don’t have to worry about batteries,I recommend carrying a decent compass. This might work, but spend a few extra bucks on a better compass.


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