• Rating: 5
  • Value: 5
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 30 Day
Price: $29.99 - 750 ML
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Aging in XO Cognac Barrels makes a dramatic difference in taste !

NotesThankfully, a number of well made higher end Cachacas have turned around the usual perception of cachaca which was that it was something only the poor drank because they couldn’t afford anything better. Most cachaca imported into the states is not aged.This one however is aged for 30 days in XO Cognac barrels and while a short time, makes a dramatic difference.

Appearance: Clear limpid pool, on swirling, leaves thick coating on glass and some long legs.
First Impression: Sweet with vanilla, yeasty, sweet, lemon, herbal/ floral notes. 
Taste: Deadly smooth, slight oak and peppery edges on the tongue with citrus, vanilla, spice and salty overtones with a whisper of caramel. Delicious! A thick, buttery, mouthfeel to it and a lingering dry but oily finish no burn, just a warm glow.

Drinks: The drinks we tried (many from their presskit) worked well.This cachaca has more body than most, so mix it thoroughly. It also has more complexity than many so it adds extra layers of taste to a drink. (We used the muddler which came in the presskit shown in the photo).

Cigars: Good with a lighter type/size of cigar. Ashton or RomeoYJulieta ?

Bottle/Packaging: A rather simple clear glass bottle with a green cast similar to the color of sugar cane. Vertical two tone green letters back label forms sillouhete of Andes in background. Simple but striking.
Final Thoughts: The aging in XO Cognac barrels seems to make a world of difference, It tames the cachaca without losing its heart. Well Done!
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