Leyline Distilling Peach Brandy (Eau De Vie)

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A nicely done peach brandy from Upstate New York

Notes: Ley Line is a fledgling distillery housed in an economic development center (read old canning factory like many such centers it seems). A family run operation they use local fruit and grains to ferment, distill, and bottle on site. They use small stainless steel pot column hybrid stills with a lot of copper in the columns to get that critical interaction ( particularly with fruit) that makes a huge difference in the final product

They currently produce a hard red winter wheat vodka, cherry eau de vie and this, their  peach brandy (more specifically/technically a eau de vie) with plans to develop more products as they grow their market,

Appearance: Clear silvery appearance. On swirling to leaves a nice even coating on the glass then a few tears as the whole edge line retreats into the bottom of the glass leaving only small pinprick size droplets on the inside of the glass.

First Impression: Lovely scents of peach with a lush,slightly heavy, perfumy note with whiffs of all spice and blackberries, almonds, marzipan and just a hint of alkali notes and spirits,Reminiscent of a spice breadth a lovely very rounded peach bouquet.

Taste: Slightly oily entry with lots of flavors that then warms and amortizes in your mouth releasing a peachy, slightly spicy and racy bouquet with a hint of cloves, almonds and spice with a slightly drying fade and finish.


Drinks: Absolute ( and usually impossible to find) requirement for Fish House Punch, Dragoon Punch, and a host of Sangrias, along with a great number of sprizters ( even just this and soda water is nice). A great way to put a peach accent/flavor into a drink without resorting to some foul tasting chemical additive vodka or a sugar bomb peach brandy whose main flavoring come from a stainless steel vat in New Jersey.  This brandy promises to be a great addition to a cocktailians armamnetariumfor new and different cocktails. For an idea of already established recipes try this site .

Bottle: Fairly straightforward bottle ,dark green resiling type bottle tapering to the top with a synthetic cork for a better seal and a black shrink wrap neck capsule. White label with black lettering and graphics is tastefully minimalist in style.

Other: Link to a few photos from the distillery with our friend Zamir Gotta

Final Thoughts: To be frank on all accounts, peach is a bitchy fruit to work with, hard to process and ferment, it makes capturing that lightning in a bottle difficult if not on some days seemingly impossible.Also you can find a lot of other fruit Eau de Vies around but it takes a touch of genius and madness to even attempt a peach brandy/eau de vie. While this may not be the best peach brandy I have ever had, it certainly is one of the better ones and one of the few you can find in, or from,  the Northeast United States.


Nicely laid out site but not a lot of info or pictures yet.

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