LIFEPROOF NUUD iPad Case Hand Strap and Shoulder Strap Set

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  • Value: 8
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An absolutely necessary accessory to get full use of your iPad and Lifeproof case


Notes: As a logical add on to the LIFEPROOF Case if you have any intention of using your iPad and case out in the real world rather than sitting magnificently on your desk, I would highly recommend buying their straps (and hanger hardware that comes in the kit). The straps come as a set with the mounting hardware and retails for about $35 for the set. While this may seem a little pricey, the quality of the straps and the utility it adds to the case is well worth it. The hand strap is very useful for one handed viewing and typing, while the shoulder strap allows you to of course carry the iPad hands free.

Appearance: Reasonably pleasing to the eye if  if not breathtaking construction ( I used to be a parachute rigger so my standards are very high).

First Impression: Decently made overall, the shoulder strap is made from some light but not skimpy nylon webbing with black nylon hardware. Somewhat minimalist but functional without being over the top. The handstrap demonstrates a higher level of detailing with a wide nylon covered piece of neoprene with some very thoughtful antislip bumpers/spots on the back for to hold the strap against your hand without slipping, fully adjustable with two strips of Velcro for a positive no slip adjustment .

Directions and Instructions: Good directions and relatively easy to install. Just make sure you do the little anchorpoints installation over a smooth surface that is free of anything else so you don’t lose any pieces, then place the parts of the case you do remove in a small bag or container and LABEL them in case you need them again – or at least you can identify them a year from now and decide whether to keep them – or not.

Testing: Dragged the iPad all over the Miami Rum Rennaisance festival and used the straps extensively to either sling the IPad over my shoulder and go everywhere ( including jumping and climbing) and long all day slogs. It fit comfortably and it never slipped off,let loose or failed in any way. The hand strap kept the iPad in place for one handed holds so I could type swipe, photo, video and otherwise use my other hand to work the iPad with nary a slip or even suggestion of one. Handstrap was comfortable even for extended periods

Bitch List: Minor observations or possible improvements really. One improvement/upgrade would be replacing the black cord with aircraft cable to make it harder to break or razor cut, same for the strap, a piece of aircraft cable of two in the strap would make it a lot harder for a thief to do a slash and run with your iPad – much like the straps on a pacsafe bag.Possibly a rubberized ( or coated ) or possibly vinyl/plastic smooth strap that could be cleaned or sterilized more easily. Maybe they could make this a optional, premium package ? At the other end of the spectrum maybe just a hand strap and attachment hardware package so we could use our own shoulder strap ( say one of your parents old camera straps from back in the day ( like the one Dennis Hoppers character has in Apocalypse Now) without having to buy theirs, which is good but hardly a fashion statement ?

Other: They have a lot of other equipment and options for the case such as a life ring for aquatic environments ( read boating and dropping it over the side), ruggedized solar chargers and battery packs and other items for both the iPad and also a slew of cases and accessories for iPhones.

Final Thoughts: While I find the straps to be first rate for most uses if   a bit pricey for what they are. They do however have free shipping so mentally adjust the price for that ( like knock off $6-$8 dollars). But on the other hand the fastener hardware is the only ones I would trust for that outstanding case, so just pony up the money and buy them, remembering what they are holding up from impact and would you want to worry by using a lesser set of gear. Maybe replace the shoulder strap for something else if you find something more to your taste and just as rugged, but keep the handstrap and go out bravely into the world.


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