Limoncella by Battistella – Six Mile Creek Vineyard, Ithaca, New York

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
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Proof: 60 Proof (30%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $25.00 375ML
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Nicely done distilled seyval blanc wine alcohol base, much smoother than most.

Notes:This is a new limoncella produced in ridiculously small quantities – and I mean that in a nice way – I’ve seen bigger stills in the woods than this one. Produced by Six Mile Creek by with their vodka as a base They also produce an excellent Grappa, Gin, and Vodka all of which are distilled from different wine bases which makes them all excellent choices for people seeking wheat free alternative spirits. Another point for this Limoncella is again it comes from a finished wine base – not a grappa or grain alcohol base adding wider, deeper, and more mellow alcohol base than most.

First ImpressionThick, aromatic citrus (no cutting alcohol notes to it). Lemon, dead-ripe grapefruit, grapes, chardonnay smells, wonderfully full with no discordant notes.

Appearance: Pleasing lemon color, sparkling clear. On swirling, leaves thin coating on glass, then develops long legs then droplets forming.

Taste: Thick lemon oil entry, appropriately sweet then turning slightly acidic . Nicely oily and tart like a really good gelato. A pleasant clinging aftertaste, with a pleasing fade of alcohol presence.

Drinks: Well in this case actually vanilla ice cream- wonderful! Makes for a wonderful Lemon Ice, too, of course. Also it was wonderful on its own-or in tea hot or cold. Could also be used instead of lemon juice and sweetener in some drinks (such as an Aviation). Also wonderful on its own- which is saying something given a number of limoncella’s taste like sweetened disinfectant. In fact there is a another one made in the area that is only fit to scrub toilet bowls with and cost the same or more than this one.

Bottle: Brilliantly clear glass,tall rectangular with rounded edges and heavy decanter type base bright silk screened label makes them easy to find on a shelf. Black neckwrap and cork closure finish the package.

Final Thoughts: More expensive than many of the cheap syrupy versions – but only by a few dollars. While I am not a huge fan of Limoncella, this one is nicely done.


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