Loft Organic Lemongrass Cello

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Proof: 50 (25%)
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The first certified organic and Kosher (pareve) liqueurs in the United States.

Notes:The first certified organic and Kosher (pareve) liqueurs in the United States, Loft Liqueurs is creating a high standard in a sector of the drinks trade that otherwise seems to swim to the bottom when it comes its willingness to use cheap chemicals, sweeteners and artificial colors.

Using local, organic and biodynamically grown ingredients and organic agave syrup as sweetener, with no artificial colorings of preservatives it seems to be for people with taste, conscience, and concerned about what they are introducing to their bodies.They use the freshest local organic products and a new propriety system that surrounds and buffers the alcohol with water making for a smoother taste and better flavor integration.

The series includes: Spicy Ginger Cello, Lime Cello,Tangerine Cello and Lavender Cello (“cello” from the Italian variety of liqueurs).

AppearanceSilvery bright, very slight almost whisper of yellow cast to it. Light even coating on the glass with legs and droplets forming.

First Impression:Lemon with woody accents,with a slight touch of minerals (from the agave?).

Taste: Sweet, lemony, with a pleasantly citrus,slightly herbal and woody melange to it. A very nice heavy scent of lemongrass mixing with the agave sweetness and hints of alcohol provides a wonderful mix of flavors. Very smooth with a medium to heavy body and mouthfeel and a pleasantly long finish.

Drinks: They have some very creative and well thought out recipes on their webpage. It is also useful as a substitute for lemon juice in an Aviation cocktail or many other drinks (adjust for sweetness of course, a little goes a long way).

Bottle: Frosted glass bottle with rounded shoulders and flared bottom. Silver neck wrap and a composite cork (better seal if a touch unromantic). Bamboo tree free paper label.

Final Thoughts: An exciting new line of products with a very green and healthy approach to liqueurs.


Quick-loading webpage with plenty of information and drinks recipes.

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