Loggerhead Black and Tan Turtle

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Yeah, you can use a bar spoon too but what fun is that ? Well made, easy to use, and won’t break under normal use.

Notes: Brütül (brew tool) makes this multifunctional stainless steel tool, the primary function of which is to make a Black and Tan (this link not only explains a Black and Tan but has an extensive list for names of specific beer combinations).
The turtle is also very useful for layering a number of other drinks such as cocktails that need layering such as the Pousse Cafe or Eliot Spritzer. The device also has a bottle opener in the form of the turtles jaws.

First Impression: Good heavy stainless steel construction, well stamped out and finished with no rough edges.Mildly polished so it looks nice but has low maintenance ( unlike a highly polished surface). Decorative elements to resemble a turtle are nicely done – more whimsical than realistic. Well made and robust, it should last a lifetime with minimal care.

Directions and Instructions: Directions on back of card. Simple, straightforward, and unambiguous directions and this device should get you to be a Black and Tan master in no time. Also has selection of recipes on the card and link to website.

Testing: Very straightforward and easy to use. You could literally train a monkey ( or a small child)  to do this ( but would you trust them with your beer ?)  Worked flawlessly each time and cleaned up with running water ( like beer glasses I would avoid soap on my beer tools).

Other: If you use a teacup hook you can easily hang it on a wall (hook through upper jaw) so you can display it and find it easily when you need it ( unlike that bar spoon).

Final Thoughts: Well made specialty bar tool at a very fair price. Bottle opener feature is a real plus also. The one tool you may need for a Black and Tan. Only drawback is this beast is not very portable. It does not fit in a pocket well (and could cause embarrassing  injuries) and could also scratch any other bar tools. I recommend a small drawstring pouch to put t in and to avid it scratching anything else in a bag or drawer.

Straightforward website with recipes, history, order links and retailer links (support your local and save on shipping !)

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