Luxardo Limoncello

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Proof: 54 (27%)
Price: $24.99 750ML
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Not only drinkable but enjoyable – unlike many limoncellos .

Note: In business since 1821, Luxardo has a long tradition of making all sorts of various liqueurs almost all of them winning high praise from various organizations and individuals in the trade.This was heartening to me as most of the Limoncello I have tried in the past was not fit for using as windshield wiper fluid im my car- the best ones could have maybe been used as cleaners. This may be due in part to the fact that most seem to source their extracts from the same chemical factories as air deodorizers or soap companies. This is thankfully not the case with Luxardo.

First ImpressionThick, yet aromatic. Lemony smell, wonderfully full.

Appearance: Pleasing lemon color, slightly translucent. On swirling, leaves thick coating on glass, then develops some legs.

Taste: Thick lemon oil entry, appropriately sweet and tart at the same time. Nicely oily and tart like a really good gelato but more intense. A pleasant clinging aftertaste, with a mild alcohol presence.

Drinks: Well in this case actually vanilla ice cream- wonderful! Also it was wonderful on its own-or in tea hot or cold.

Bottle: Glass bottle with translucent label that shows the Limoncello to good effect. Embossed glass seal on shoulder/neck and red neck wrapfinish the package.

Other: Unlike a lot of other Limoncello this one has a longer shelf life – 5 years rather than the usual 8-12 months..

Final Thoughts: I have to revise my opinion of Limocello after this one. More expensive than a lot of the cheap syrupy versions – but only by a few dollars. The main difference is this one is emminently drinkable- and the others, well, look at my comments at the beginning of the review.

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Slow loading webpage with attractive graphics, drinks recipes, and information (in the case of Luxardo that is).

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