Luxardo Sambuca Dei Cesar

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Proof: 54 (27%)
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One of the few Sambucas I can recommend .

Note: In business since 1821, Luxardo has a long tradition of making all sorts of various liqueurs almost all of them winning high praise from various organizations and individuals in the trade.

This was good news to me as I have a Pavlovian response to bad Sambuca in the form of projectile vomiting.This is probably due in part on the adventure I embarked on in Boston with my administrative assistant and personal Mephistophiles during a conference in Boston. By 8 p.m., he was so drunk from Sambuca he had urinated all over himself while laughing too hard – he found this too was uproariously funny. . .this was merely the beginning of the evening with 9 hours to go. Needless to say my heart (and stomach) was filled with loathing for cheap Sambuca ever since.

However, Luxardo is not this type of Sambuca. Made from elderberries and aniseed.

First ImpressionUnderstated, but full scent of aniseed/licorice.

Appearance: Clear as the glass it was poured into.On swirling, leaves light coating on glass, then develops some legs.

Taste: Thick sweet almost resinous, oily entry, paradoxically sweet with almost immediate dryness, with the licorice/minty tingling of ther aniseed. Nicely oily and viscous with the elderberries coming through towards the end and a tingling aromatic finish.

Drinks: Work well in the usual drinks calling for Sambuca, a bit drier than some of the competition (which is fine with me).

NOTE: If you are going to do the con mosche (literally “with flies”), where you use three coffee beans (representing Health, Wealth and Happiness) and set the drink alight, use a shot glass or a Pyrex glass( like a Bodum Glass) and don’t let it burn too long- the glass could shatter or heat up and burn you, plus burned coffee beans tastes like the worst burned coffee you have ever had.

Also put the flame out before you drink! Do no be persuaded to do a Gas Chamber (where it is poured into your mouth and set fire by a friend-extingushed by closing your mouth) because if you screw up you could set yourself or bystanders on fire. If you are drunk enough to try this trick you are drunk enough to screw it up – badly.

Bottle: Glass bottle with somewhat plain label but classic label.

Other: Luxardo produces a number of other quality products.

Final Thoughts: A very nice Sambuca,drier and more well finished than most,understated alcohol presence.Reccomended.

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Slow loading webpage with attractive graphics, drinks recipes, and information (in the case of Luxardo that is).

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