Magellan Gin

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 7
Proof: 88 (44%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $30.00 - 750ML
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The only really blue gin out there , deriving most of its color from Iris Flowers. French with a 4x distilled wheat grain base and botanicals.

Notes: The only really blue gin out there at the moment, deriving most of its color from Iris Flowers. Imported from France with a 4x distilled wheat grain base and botanicals.

Appearance: Crystal clear glacier/ice blue in color, thin scalloped edges develop on swirling, changing to long legs on the side of the glass. Slightly oily/thickness to body (sign of quality and lots of flavor).

First Impression: Not your typical gin. Juniper is not the first and defining characteristic but is present . Cardamom,licorice,cubeb,cassia and nutmeg wrap around nutmeg and orange peel, with coriander lingering around the edges also play a role in a complex interplay of flavors.

Taste: Light body accompanied by the blending of the floral and spicy makes for multilayered gin experience. Nice lingering spicy finish.

Drinks: Makes a excellent martini- Note: The 88 proof needs to be borne in mind when mixing as it is a atypical proof and may effect drinks recipes- not to mention your brain.

Bottle: Clear glass, to highlight the real color of the gin (the opposite of Bombay Sapphire) with silk screening of Iris and a see through to a drawing of Magellan’s ship. Dark blue neck wrap and artificial cork closure finish the package nicely.

Final Thoughts: A very nice, decent gin with a mild and not overwhelming Juniper presence balanced by a well chosen and mixed set of botanicals. A good solid gin with a unique color signature so you can show off your choice.


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