Man’s Face Stuff Moustache Wax

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 8
Price: $4.50 for the .15 oz tube or $9 for the .6 oz tin

Damn good stuff and we love the tube version for quick touch ups

Here at Spirits Review we like to review other items that are relevant to the trade and mustache wax is something that almost seems a requirement  for (male) bartenders these days. Also as a spirits judge we find it necessary to find and use unscented products ( soap and hair products) that are unscented so as not to throw our ,or anyone else in the vicinity, olfactory acuity off y introducing something into a tasting. Therefore we have been seeking out new unscented mustache wax.
Here is one of the better ones we have tested.

Notes: Man’s Face Stuff is a small company in Portland, Oregon that produces a number of grooming products and a lot of different scents. We tested the unscented Moustache Wax in two forms – the tube  (.15 oz) which comes as a lip balm kind of tube, and the tin ( .6 oz)

Appearance: Slightly yellow gold ( think beeswax) paste wax. The wax in the tube seems a bit more yellow and a touch softer than the stuff in the tin

First Impression: No scent to the wax beyond the smell of its components ( see ingredients – below) and applies fairly easily, especially the tube form which can be applied directly to the mustache without having to get it on your ringers. The wax in the tin requires a little softening and manipulation.

Testing: Both products worked well but in slightly different ways. The Unscented wax in the tin worked well for a good stiff hold but was a bit of a challenge to get out of the tin – this stuff is hard !, but once you got some out you could work it in your fingers and get in more malleable and onto your mustache. Once it was on you could easily style your mustache any way you liked and it stayed that way. The scent was easily ignored after a few minutes ad it did not affect our judging of spirits in anyway, and no one else noticed the scent either ( we asked them). We rather like the tube because it is easier to carry and use for touch ups, it is both easier to apply and you can quickly and relatively discretely wax you mustache directly with it which was a plus.

Field Use: Mans Face Stuff Moustache wax held up well for a number of hours with only slight touchups need during a trial of alcoholic cocktails.We got compliments on our appearance with it which was also a plus ( to us anyway)

Package: Both the tube and the tin have slightly retro 1950’s kind of graphics/look and the tin is a decent thickness and fitment so it won’t (easily) crush, leak, or get pocket lint in it

Ingredients: Beeswax, Petrolatum, Olive Oil, Candella Wax ( a type of hard vegetable wax from Mexico similar to Carnauba Wax)

Final Thoughts: A great mustache product and one of the few unscented ones so it won’t interfere with judging, drinking, or eating. The tube form is also very handy in the field too,


Nicely laid out etsy page that helps you quickly look at all their products ( of which there are many) and figure out which ones will work for you.

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