Marie Brizard Cassis de Bordeaux

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Proof: 30 (15%)
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An easy to find and very good Cassis.

Note: In business since 1755, Marie Brizard has a long tradition of excellence and a commitment to use NATURAL products in making its liqueurs-unlike many of the cheaper knock off liqueurs which use synthetic ingredients and chemicals. This is liqueur is made from Cassis or Black Currants. Black Currants are similar in flavor to Blueberries, Gooseberries or closer to Lingonberries.

More concentrated in flavor than the above, with a strong fruity taste.
Used extensively as an aperitif or just a nice drink to have after (or before- depending) a hard day when mixed with wine or Champagne (see below). A safe bet at a cafe if you don’t like or want the usual pastis.

First ImpressionDeep woodland berry notes with wine like overtones to it. Sweetness and acidity like a spiced jam with oriental fruits like lychee or longans.

Appearance: Dark purple/red like a well aged port Thick-bodied but pristine in appearance. On swirling, leaves a oily even coat on the glass with long legs developing.

Taste: Thick rich taste that is felt as much as tasted. Deep jammy currants, with just the right amount of dryness to them to give a slight pucker at the end.

DrinksThe drink for Cassis (as in the most well-known) is Kir or Kir Royale (usually 1/2 ounce of Cassis to 3 ounces of chilled dry white wine or 1:6 ratio or in the case of the Kir Royale use Champagne). It is a great way to add a lot of flavor to something with a minimum of alcohol. If you are building a cocktail calling for Cassis, this is the one of the few commercially available ones I can recommend to use.

Bottle: Looks like a regular wine bottle except possibly darker in color. Neck foil is black with gold lettering on diagonal “Liqueur de Bordeaux” and standard looking wine type label (squarish with clipped corners).

Other: Maker of a large portfolio of other liqueurs, among them: Amaretto,Anisette, Apry, Banana, Creme de Cacao (White)Creme de Cacao (Brown), Curacao, Curacao (Blue), Creme de MentheCreme de Menthe (Green)Grand Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, Triple Sec, and many others that are not imported into the U.S. (much to our loss).

Final Thoughts:Another great one from the Marie Brizard stable of drinks. Only downside to this one is that it only comes in a 750 ml and Cassis can go bad after time- so use early and often! Pity to waste it! Try it in your mineral water for the gym. Make’s the workout and the water more palatable -or hell, just substitute an aperitif for water!

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