Marie Brizard Triple Sec

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Proof: 78 (39%)
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A much better triple sec than many others out there.

Note: Like all the spirits I review this was tasted at room temperature for maximum taste and detection of any faults if any in a product. If you chill benzene cold enough you could drink that too (NOT RECOMMENDED !), which is why I try them at room temperature.

In business since 1755, Marie Brizard has a long tradition of excellence and a commitment to use NATURAL products in making its liqueurs-unlike many of the cheaper knock off liqueurs which use synthetic ingredients and chemicals. This is particular Orange Liqueur made from the bitter Curacao oranges from Haiti, and is a common component of many drinks. Unlike some of the other Marie Brizard orange liqueuers ( Grand Orange and Curacao ) this uses unaged alcohol spirits rather than cognac

First ImpressionNice full bitter orange blend and some floral/perfume notes of orange blossom, and high alcohol notes coming through clearly but not in a jarring unpleasant manner (in other words doesn’t burn or make you sneeze).

Appearance: Clear, bright, thick-bodied but pristine in appearance. On swirling, leaves a oily even coat on the glass with few legs developing.

Taste: Thicker than most but not as much body as their other orange products (see links), orange and floral candy with a dash of toffee to it. Dryish slightly bitter finish and alcohol at the end.

Drinks: We tried it in some of the usual drinks calling for Triple Sec- much nicer and understated blending than most of the competitiors. One of the few triple secs I can recommend for mixing with older spirits (such as anejo tequila or other older delicate spirits) as it mixes well with subtlety where most of the cheaper triple secs will rapidly overwhelm or swamp a older or more refined spirit with cheap orange and rubbing alcohol tastes. If you are building a cocktail calling triple sec and using a premium spirit, this is the one to use.

Bottle: Signature Marie Brizard bottle- thin neck to flared shoulder to cylindrical body with slightly smaller base below belt line. Signature MB in script on top of cap.

Other: Maker of a large portfolio of other liqueurs,among them: Amaretto,Anisette, Apry, Banana, Casis, Creme de Cacao (White and Brown), Curacao (Clear/White and Blue), Creme de Menthe, Creme de Menthe (Green), Grand Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, Triple Sec, and many others that are not imported into the U.S. (much to our loss).

Other: Maker of a large portfolio of other liqueurs, among them: Amaretto,Anisette, Apry, Banana, CassisCreme de Cacao (White)Creme de Cacao (Brown), Curacao, Curacao (Blue), Creme de MentheCreme de Menthe (Green)Grand Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, and many others that are not imported into the U.S. (much to our loss).

Final Thoughts:A different spin on the usual Grand Marnier or Cointreau flavor profiles. Less sugar but a bit more syrup and orange. Achieves a better orange flavor than either Interesting enough to recommend having a bottle on hand to play with,competitive or cheaper than the above in price also makes it an attractive mixer.

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