Mastrad Ice Ball Mould

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Cheap piece of plastic crap that does not work – Avoid.

There are a large number of ice ball molds out there both of varying quality and cost. You can spend as little as $1 apiece for them or the far side of $1000 (plus of course the optional ice only freezer to keep them fresh and free of food tastes and odors).
Our main criteria for testing these is a good quality ice ball, reasonably clear,easy to use mold, and something the average person could afford or at least contemplate spending on for the equipment.

Overview: Mastad makes a large quantity of various kitchen and bar type items for home use kind of a French version of  Trudeau here in the US.

Appearance: Two part single ice ball mould made of food grade silicon. Fairly flexible, 2 half molds with filling hole at top. Comes in various colors in a single blister card

First Impression: Seems like a decent grade of silicon, but the edge/rim seems a bit narrow where the two halves fit together

Testing: Failed miserably – fill hole somewhat small and the narrow area/lip leaks like a sieve before the water can harden to ice – leaving you with a half moon globe of ice or less. Not very clear ice either – walls are too thin so what water that is left in the mold freezes too rapidly

Final Thoughts:

Website: or (800) 358 – 0508 ( Don’t bother calling them – they will not answer the phone or call you back)

Stylishly done website full of pictures of all sorts of kitchen and barware items. Hopefully they work better than these ice ball molds !

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