Matthews 1812 House Blondie Bar

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Price: $2 1 ¼ Pound Bar
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Sugar, Chocolate and Alcohol – three of my basic food groups !


Notes: A small bakery company located in Cornwall Bridge Connecticut and founded in 1979, Matthews 1812 House is family owned and operated. Specializing in baked goods with a sprinkling of sauces and chocolates in their portfolio, a fair number of their products having some spirits infused or baked in. They have an extensive catalog of offerings some of which are sugar free ( please see webpage link below).

They just added some Kentucky bourbon products such as this, their Bourbon Blondie Bar, A Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, and their Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Pie.The Blondie Bar is relatively large  and weighs in at 20 0z ( 1 lb 4 oz or 566 grams)

Appearance: Attractive blond tan color with stripes of their dark  chocolate bourbon sauce overlaid. On cutting (and then the side view/sectional) you see the thick compressed cookie like dough marble with ht chocolate chips and pecans ( and mixed with bourbon that you cannot see but can smell, taste and appreciate)

First Impression: Chocolate, spice, cookie dough, pecans and a touch of bourbon.

Taste: Delicious, with sweet, egg like moist entry, imagine a moist chocolate chip and pecan cookie (only in a thicker, richer form) drizzled with chocolate bourbon sauce. A touch of spices, chocolate, cream, pecans, and a touch of bourbon with a wonderful, moist mouthfeel and lingering finish.

Drinks: A good cream top mil or maybe a god coffee to counteract the guilt and provide a lean counterpoint.

Packaging: Well done prevention in a white gift box and oval gold medallion. On opening you find the Blondie bar sealed in clear plastic wrap in an aluminum foil pan surrounded by white shredded paper to protect it

Other: Contains nuts and chocolate.

Final Thoughts: Well made, delicious and made by hand. Will ruin you for Harry and Davids or many other retailers, and better yet , they handle all the shipping and delivery for you. Also a great gift to bring with you to a party. Save the uncertainty of making it yourself and the clean up and go with Matthews 1812 .


Well laid out and fast loading website with lots of pictures and descriptions.slo a nicely indexed list of all their products and categories for after browsing.Altogeher a nicely laid out, attractive and logical webpage.

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