McKenzie Distillers Reserve Gin

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 8
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Proof: 91 (45.5%)
Price: $34.00 750 ML
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A good solid London Dry with not as much juniper as some others.


The Finger Lakes is a well known area for wines and wineries with over 200 at last count. What is much less well known is the proliferation of distilleries in the areas and the production of grape, berry and fruit based spirits along with the more traditional grain based spirits which lends some unique flavors and nuances to their products. Made in the same  small hybrid column/pot still (a 200 gallon Holstein Copper pot still for those who are into details)  as the one they use for their Seneca Drums Gin and handcrafting each batch the small scale production and attention to detail show you what is possible if you have the skills and dedication. Utilizing a grape base and twelve herbs to produce a London Dry style gin, this is their more complex and higher proof of their two gins .

Their other products include: Vintner’s Vodka, Vintner’s Wild Berry, Maplejack Liqueur, Cassis Liqueur,in the fruit line. and   Glen Thunder (an American corn whiskey)  Mckenzie Bourbon, Mckenzie Rye Whiskey and McKenzie Wheat Whiskey  among other products

Appearance: Silvery clear almost viscous appearance leaves a thick edge line with legs developing quickly

First Impression: Quite a blast of botanicals at first blush.Piney,savory with bright notes from the cucumber behind the juniper, with citrus following on, some earthy herbal notes also.

Taste: Nice mouthful if a bit on the light side.Pineynotes with citrus,drying herbal fade with citrus lingering. Cinnamon and nutmeg notes and orris root providing a bracing bitterness. Tastes a bit sweeter than some gins.Hints of spice,juniper  and oiliness linger pleasantly.Cucmber is a nice touch giving the gin a roundness and impression of fruit

Drinks: Makes a very good martini, playing well with the vermouth and bitters, also very good gin and tonic. A bit less pronounced in a Last Word or other complicated cocktails

Bottle: A somewhat refreshingly atypical gin bottle.Deep green glass, the bottle is a decanter style shape, closer to a whiskey or sometimes liqueur  paper label with silver background,black text and graphics with “McKenzie” in large white letters. A small neck label in Victorian Style engraving reads “Gin”. Bottle is topped by a synthetic cork with a silver colored metal top and clear plastic neck capsule.

Other: Vegan Friendly

Final Thoughts: A decent if not spectacular London Dry a bit on the light side in terms of body/viscosity. Similar in profile to Hendricks.


Fair amount of information and organized in a logical, easy to navigate manner.Large recipe collection,places to buy their spirits and news section.

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