Mickey Finn

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  • Value: 6
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Proof: 70 (35%)
Price: $24.99 750 ML
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An interesting flavored whiskey,decently made if a bit pricey for the category

Notes:I do have to say I had my doubts when I first laid eyes on this bottle. The name Mickey Finn ( as in the drink spiked with Chloral Hydrate or similar compounds) has some rather negative connotations. That and the fact it was a flavored (with apple) did not inspire much anticipation on my part. This whiskey is in fact named after that bartender and his signature drink, an Irish and American Whiskey flavored with green apples (but minus the knock out compounds). It is a blend of Irish Whiskey an American Whiskey ( not specified) and natural Irish apple flavoring.

Appearance: Clear, slightly amber straw,gold on swirling leaves a heavy coat on the glass and almost immediately forms some long oily legs

First Impression: Rather strong notes of green apples along with a slightly with cinnamon, grains, vanilla, almost an apple pie and whiskey smell.

Taste: Better than I would have thought, a somewhat gingery apple and whiskey blend with the oils from an apple skin combining with the subtle graininess of the Irish whiskey form a pleasant tipple. The apple juice provides a fair amount of sweetnes and rounds off the edges of the whiskey without making it overly sweet. The apple and whiskey mix form a surprisingly drinkable blend

Drinks: Seems to work in the recipes on their page. Fairly flavorful, I think it could have a good potential as something to mix with.

Bottle: A fairly standard looking cylindrical clear green glass bottle that seems to be the standard bottle Irish Whiskey comes in. Paper Labels which again echo a number of other Irish Whiskeys in color scheme, and a black screw cap closure complete the package.

Other: Made in the Netherlands by an unspecified company.

Final Thoughts: A decently made flavored whiskey with an unusual flavoring. Well done for what it is but I would prefer to mix the ingredients myself – it’s called a cocktail.

Almost but not quite just a placeholder website, it has some limited recipes and places where you can find it, but no real information beyond that really.


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