Moody June American Dry Gin

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9

Well Done, Simple and Elegant Gin.

Notes: Made from scratch ( As they say “Every Drop, From Scratch” ) using locally grown corn as their base, fermented on site and distilled in their Vendome copper pot still. This is an environmentally friendly, organic ingredients, distillery using local handpicked botanicals where they can and any other non indigenous ingredients they use are organic.

Appearance: Faultlessly clear slightly oily in appearance.On swirling it leaves clear edge line that recedes to droplets.

First Impression: As they say, juniper forward, but in an understated way, prominent but not dominating like a London Dry can be. Hints of orange peel, lemon,cassia, orris root, coriander, licorice, and angelica root, along with some earthier botanicals all play nicely off against the juniper and citrus components

Taste: Juniper, orange citrus,backed by angelica,licorice and some earthy and bitter/slightly drying herbal notes (orris and angelica roots?)with the spiciness of the coriander adding to the oily last of the juniper and lemon to give your tongue a nice playful tingle as the finish lingers with touches of a pleasant bitterness in the fade.

Drinks: Works nicely in a Martini,great in a gin and tonic, and also just sipped on its own from a bone china teacup.

Bottle: The almost signature bell or apothecary shaped bottle that you find a lot of craft spirits in these day.A clear glass,heavy bottom and short neck decanter.In this case though there are some interesting variations to note, the bottom has a ridged edge with a slightly pushed in punt with a dog bone impressed in the middle of stand the synthetic cork top is a molded one piece affair with a ridged topper that also has the signature bone molded into the top. The paper front label in an attractive mix of graphics and colors,paired with the neck paper label/ribbon of a green banded silver background with a set of bare foot prints. Over all an attractive and eye-catching package that is easy to spot on a shelf.

Other: Handcrafted from scratch, but modestly priced and excellent value for a handcrafted, small batch gin.

Final Thoughts: One of the few London Dry and New World/American Gin hybrids I can recommend. Close to a London Dry without being a slavish imitation, but refreshingly different, they blaze a new path in the gin world.

Good, straightforward website with some , but not a lot of information

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Short but interesting video with links to videos of their other products

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