New Amsterdam Straight Gin

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 10
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $13.99 750 ML

Harkens to “Old” New York, but is in fact made in Modesto, California. Not affiliated with the popular CBS television show!

Notes: Harkens to “Old” New York, but is in fact made in Modesto, California. Not affiliated with the popular CBS television show!

Appearance: Bright, silvery, crystal clear, displays long legs on swirling, which then become droplets on the side of the glass.

First Impression: Juniper, witchhazel and cassis (no surprises there) with nicely complex citrus at first whiff. After just a few seconds in the glass the citrus steps to the fore and becomes the dominant smell, with a light but complex bouquet of of citus and botanicals.

Taste: Body is light and sprightly, unlike a lot of gins that tend to be heavy and oily. Citrus and the other spices rush over the tongue and down with a hint of juniper and more citrus as a nice ending. Very clean, with a very interesting mixture of citrus and more traditional notes. Slight warming burn on the way down. Finish has cream spinach notes and resin.

Drinks: Makes a excellent martini, especially for those who want a really dry martini but who don’t want a treeful of juniper in a glass. A very nice choice for a lighter bodied gin and tonic or as they suggest, to drink straight. This is a very approachable gin for the novice or new to gin drinker or to someone who wants a lighter bodied but flavorful gin. Drinking straight gin out of bone china teacups at the rare bookstore is a long standing tradition here and this gin is a welcome addition.

Bottle: Clear glass rectangular bottle with planed edges and vertical label. Design is similar to antique gin bottle of the New Amsterdam period but thinner with a black see through label with the Empire State Building forming a background through the label. With a silver and black neck seal.

Final Thoughts: A nice alternative gin without getting too experimental in flavor or too light in spicing (a seemingly common problem these days). While not the most complex of gins it is very easy to drink and does not cause palate fatique.The price is also a great point as it seems the only thing going up in price faster than gasoline these days is gin. Costs about 1/2 or less of the price of other gins of similar quality so it is an excellent choice for a subtle yet low cost gin- which is a rarity to put it mildly. Great quality for a cheap price.


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