New Holland Dragon’s Milk Origin Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
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Proof: 95 (42.5 %)
Age: 5 Years Old
Price: $44.00 750 ML
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An excellent Small Batch Bourbon Whiskey from on of Our Favorite Brewers ( they make outstanding beer too !)

Notes: New Holland is much more known for its brewing and excellent beers but now have decided to get into distilling. Or, to be more concise, they started a few years ago and are now releasing their products to market. They currently have over 16 distilled products along with a number of RTD expressions to their growing stable. Made in a Pre Prohibition Pot Still ( sorry few details available on that ) in Upper Michigan.

This is their latest release, a five-year-old small batch bourbon. Helpfully they have defined their definition of a small batch to less than 100 barrels – which is considerably less than most peoples definitions, much closer to what it should be IMHO. They also have made it into a Straight Bourbon and listed the fact that it is distilled, aged, and bottled at their distillery. Unfortunately the only way to get a bottle of this is to go to the Distillery . Other spirits are somewhat more available but this one was made in too small a quantity to get much ( if any really) distribution.

Hopefully this will change as the put down more for future years.

Appearance: Clear honey gold colored amber, On swirling leaves a light to medium oily coat on the glass, with droplets and long legs forming.

First Impression: Malty, slightly grassy , almost like an Agricole rum

Taste: Oily smooth entry, very malty and grain forward , slightly sweet with a barley, rye and corn trio that plays nicely.Smooth and delicious.

Drinks: Makes for a deadly subtle Manhattan or ld Fashioned. But frankly certainly good enough to enjoy on its own too.

Bottle: Beautiful, fascinating, and rich in detail. Someone spent some time thinking this one up and did not skip on the details or the imagining of this bottle. Decanter-type heavy glass bottom gives it a nice heft and feel. The bottom third of bottle is brilliantly clear to show off the color of the whiskey. Peaked sides give it a premium look. Small rectangular label with a deckled edge, black background, old gold/copper and white type with the proof, age statement, and other details is nicely done. Front face is clear to lightly frosted ( like the rest of the bottle)with the dragon scale molding giving it a luxe feel. Back label is executed in the same colors with the ( somewhat skimpy but amusing) back story of the company and whiskey origins.

Other: New Holland has always been an outstanding craft beer brewery and their Dragons Milk series of stout are widely available and enjoyed by many

Final Thoughts: Cheap enough to be almost an everyday drinker ( or at least your go to bottle when you want a excellent , affordable bourbon) and good enough to be a every so often treat to revisit depending on how easy it is for you to buy.

Frankly jealous of people in Michigan who can find it easily!


A fast loading if somewhat minimal website with some information on their brands and links to ordering on Drizly.

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