No. 209 Gin

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 9
Ingredients: ,
Proof: 90 (45%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $35 - 750ML

The 87th incarnation of this gin, each bottle of Gin No. 209 has a complex birth leading to a lovely outcome.

Notes: The 87th incarnation of this gin, each bottle of Gin No. 209 has a complex birth. This gin starts out in production from a four times column distilled neutral grain spirit (read corn) from the midwest.

This gin is made in a 1000 gallon Forsythe copper pot still (based on a Glenmorangie pattern with a long swan neck) with a a blend of ingredients (juniper, bergamot, cardamom, cassia, angelica root, coriander, among others ) that are macerated for overnight in the still than distilled in one pass for maximum flavor.

The entire process takes about 11 hours not counting the milling, blending and other prep work for the botanicals that they do with the utmost care and attention – they do their own in house grinding/milling – to get the same consistent result (not an easy thing with gin). The distillery also has the distinction of being one of the only (if not THE only) distillery over the water, being located on Pier 50 in San Francisco bay.

Appearance: Crystal clear, lovely pool of gin coats the glass on swirling, which then start to form droplets and then slowly become legs and beads. Slightly oily appearance to body (sign of quality)  without separating , even with hard swirling.

First Impression: The bouquet is nicely citrus forward with and juniper backstop with a nicely aromatic mix of botanicals.

Taste: Medium silky body with a wonderful nice slippery feel to it. Very aromatic blend of (mostly) citrus, spice, and a lovely grainy/bran taste and mouth feel. Mild tingling on the lips and tongue from all the spices. Juniper some gins rely on. Smooth, citrusy, with the lemon and bergamot providing lighter notes and with the juniper being a bit more restrained.

Drinks: Makes a excellent martini with more subtlety without sacrificing hallmarks of flavors than many other London Dry gins. Nicely mostly traditional gin and tonic (please use Fever Tree, not some corn syrup), great breakfast drinks (think Ramos Gin Fizz). A bit more citrus and less juniper than some of the other more full on London Drys but packed with a lot of punch from a lovely blend of botanicals.

Bottle: Tall bottle very much in the style of historic old gin bottles in shape-square with inward sloping to bottom lines with a distinctive sloped shoulder and slight punt to the bottom for a nice visual effect.the No.209 on the front and a family crest design on the back are pressed into the bottle, the other label graphics are silkscreened directly on the glass. Longish neck, with a long black screwcap top that doubles as a measuring (or drinking) jigger finish a tasteful package. Very distinctive and easy to spot makes it easy to find on a store of bar shelf.

Final Thoughts: A great gin to get those vodka bots weaned off their usual, complex, spicy and flavorful without being your grandfathers pine in a bottle gin with a lot of complexity, flavor, and depth.


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