No. 3 London Dry Gin

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
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Ingredients: , , , ,
Proof: 92 (46%)
Price: $38.00 - 750 ML

A Restrained and Proper London Dry Gin

Notes:  Made for Berry Brothers and Rudd (established 1698 and located at No.3 St.James Street ever since) by a (unspecified) Dutch Distiller using antique copper pot stills.Coriander, angelica root,  juniper berries, orange peel, cardamom seeds, grapefruit peel are the ingredients used for this gin,all of them being the fundamental elements of a London Dry (well maybe not the grapefruit peel , but it works well) are macerated in the base spirit overnight, which is then distilled. After a resting period and more filtration the gin is diluted to proper proof and bottled.

Appearance: Clear,with no separation of oils or spirits. On swirling the gin coats the glass in a fairly thin coat with the tiniest of teardrops forming all along the edge line. These then become larger, consolidated droplets but they do not flow back into the pool of gin and cling to the sides

First Impression: Definitely a London Dry style with juniper being at the forefront,with a little musky heat, floral, citrus, and curry notes

Taste: Juniper, oily and aromatic,followed quickly by the bright citrus followed by the angelica root earthiness,finishing with spicy,musky sort of slight heat from the other ingredients

Drinks: Makes a great,uncomplicated (read non muddy flavored by too many botanicals) martini, a bit sharper than a Plymouth Gin, but not a juniper bomb either. More subtle than some of the simpler (lower ingredient number) gins such as Brokers and depending on a deft blending  of botanicals rather than a lot of juniper.

Bottle: Dark Green and in the classic shape of an antique gin bottle with “No.3 London Dry Gin ” Stamped on one of the scalloped side panels and “No.3 Berry Bros and Rudd ” stamped on the other.There is a skeleton key graphic on the label (we only have a small sample bottle so we cannot comment on the 750 ML bottle fully – but I will say the 100 ML bottle is a major pain in the ass to open requiring tools and sharp objects to break the metal seals on the cap).

Other: Imported by Anchor Distilling – Who as a general rule import or make good to great products.

Final Thoughts: While solidly made and well formulated, some people may crave a more complicated gin. If you like straight forward but subtle, this one is for you.

Nicely done attractive website with a good amount of information generally, but no information on their Dutch distillers or (much) details on their stills.Otherwise a fairly informative site

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