North Shore Distiller’s Gin No. 6

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 9
Proof: 90 (45%)
Age: Not applicable
Price: $27.99 - 750ML

A blend of heirloom and organic ingredients (over 10) including lavender, and about 1/2 the money as some.

Notes: This gin is made in a 250 liter (small even for microdistillers) hand-hammered copper pot stilled with a a blend of heirloom and organic ingredients (over 10) including lavender. They also produce limited release batches with a different and varied group of botanicals and proportions every so often. We refer to it as American-style gin to differentiate it from other types of more traditional gin, such as London Dry.

Appearance: Crystal clear, limpid pool coats the glass on swirling, which then start to bead and become legs. Slightly oily appearance to body (sign of quality).

First Impression: The bouquet can initially be smelled from a distance and then settles down (along with myself who has a Pavlovian response to good gin smells) quite intriguingly different from a regular gin, a broad flavor base that binds the juniper,citrus and ginger into a harmonious blend with the lavender and other ingredients.The resulting melange is earthy, floral, citrusy and spicy in a way I have never encountered before in a gin before. Bravo!

Taste: Medium silky body with a wonderful mice slippery feel to it. Very aromatic blend of spices and citrus scents. Mild tingling on the lips and tongue from all the spices. Interesting green vegetal and aromatic notes coupled with the lavender and ginger notes to give it zest and warmth without the overload of Juniper some gins rely on. Smooth,citrusy, vegetal and spicy all at once which is an accomplishment especially if you consider the higher proof (which keeps the spices and oils well mixed and integrated).

Drinks: Makes a excellent martini with more depth and complexity than many gins and in a while different (and pleasant) direction. Good gin and tonic, great breakfast drinks.The cheap cost for the wealth of flavors make it an excellent gin to experiment with. This may be someones chance to come up with some exciting cocktails.

Bottle: Tall rectangular clear glass bottle with heavy decanter bottom (making for a nice balance) flared slightly from top to bottom /Paper label with window to design on inside of back label shows a stylized martini glass.Each bottled is hand numbered as to batch and hand signed by distiller. Longish neck, silver neckwrap and composite cork finish a tasteful package. Somewhat distinctive and easy to spot makes it easy to find on a store of bar shelf.

Final Thoughts: Another really excellent alternative gin. Excellent mix of botanicals and spices. If you like fire and spiciness Old Raj you will love this gin as it is a subtle and more varied gin on that theme – not to mention it’s about 1/2 the money!


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