O’Begley Poitin (Irish Style Unaged Whiskey)

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Proof: 100 (50%)
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An interesting, well made Poitin style whiskey made here in America.


Notes: Made in small batches by a father and son team in a distillery that looks like a cross between a MacGyver and Breaking Bad episode ( and I mean that in a humorous,positive way – the place is an amazing example of how to put a distillery together with repurposed materials). Started just awhile ago, the distillery already produces this aged Irish Whiskey style product and an unaged Poteen type whiskey. Made from New York State barley, malted barley and oats from local famers and maltsters. Also they are about to open a new satellite distillery/store on the west side of Seneca Lake near the Glenora Winery where they will have not only there own products but many from all over New York State !

Appearance: Clear as a bell Slightly oily and splice in the glass which on swirling leaves a nicely medium bodied coating with droplets starting down the edge line.

First Impression: Interesting oily grain notes with hints of spice and a slightly grain dusty note with a whiff of bananas

Taste: Oily fleetingly sweet then drying rapidly with some touches of funk to it.

Drinks: Not really sure what to do with it. Think of it as an Irish Cachaca and go from there …

Bottle: A clear glass somewhat tall bell shaped whiskey bottle with nice clarity and good quality glass with a weighted thicker bottom to it, Black silkscreened crest with name description etc., on the front and on the back the usual government warnings,Slightly bowed neck leads to lipped neck with a combination synthetic stopper with natural wood stopper for a tight but easy to open fit.

Other: Custom still made from repurposed pharmaceutical reactors lead to a refreshingly different product ( not the same damn stills everyone else has and the sometimes depressingly similar products). Also the entire distillery is a model or repurposing, recycling, and scrounging equipment that is in and of itself worth exploring and taking lessons from.

Final Thoughts: An interesting and full bodied white whiskey. Problem is it ( I believe) was made more for aging , and it does wonderfully after being left alone in barrels for a bit – see my review of their aged whiskey here , but as a drink it now whiskey could use some some modification or tweaking. As it stands it is an interesting whiskey a a great way to sample what a white whiskey as it comes of the still should taste like but it seems more a product best barreled than drunk now for pleasure. Well done but not quite ready.


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