Ocean Organic Vodka

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 8
Proof: 80 (40%)
Price: $22 750 ML
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A well-done, organic vodka that breaks from the cookie-cutter mold that most vodka is cut from. Recommended!


Notes: An interesting vodka out of Maui, Hawai. The Ocean Vodka distillery is centrally located on 80 acres of land they grow some 30 varieties of organic sugar cane to make this vodka and use desalinated deep mineral water drawn from over 3,000 ft down and containing over 70 minerals. Grown in an organic and sustainable manner using complex and interesting water, it is a vodka well worth considering from an environmental and taste standpoint.


Appearance: Exceptionally clear, limpid clear puddle in the glass light to medium coating on swirling with droplets forming at the top of the edgeline and legs forming below.

First Impression: Sugar cane white rum notes and minerals at first whiff.Complex grassy/cane notes and pleasant, harmonious alcohol notes of a well-done distillation.

Taste: Delicious notes of organic cane with a lovely skeleton/bones of minerality to structure the vodka and support the alcohol nuances. The minerality reminds me of a classic Russian vodka with the cane notes giving it whispers of pacific islands. An adventure in a glass. The minerals are especially apparent in the lingering finish with a touch of alkali and slight drying on the midline of the tongue and a long mineral fade of stones and cane with just a teasing whisper of sweetness. A pleasing semi-plump mouthfeel with a touch of oiliness makes it a seductive choice in a vodka.

Drinks: Adds some complexity, depth, and character to most vodka cocktails. Gives the cocktail much more body and minerality and subtle distinction.

Bottle: Beautiful ocean blue glass cast in an orb shape reminiscent of the Japanese net floats you used to see years ago, a globe of the world, or both. It is a striking presentation with a flat bottom and an offset neck. The word “Ocean” is molded into the middle of the globe and an imprint of the Hawai Islands on the other side, further harkening to the globe motif. Between these two design elements are a Maui-made seal, a USDA Organic certification seal, and the usual government-mandated labeling. Cork is a wood topper with a synthetic cork, and the cardboard neck ring/hanger doubles as a coaster. While the neck opening will accommodate a standard speed pour, the neck is a bit short, and the bottle makes it a bit difficult to pour quickly. It does, however, make sure the bottle stands out, and because of the height and shape, it will end up on the front row of a bar or sit magnificently on a home bar.

Other: Interesting take on a vodka. The use Of sugar cane instead of grain makes for an entirely different taste and mouthfeel from the usual boring vodka. The deep well mineral-laden water is also very refreshing to the fear of flavor RO water that far too many vodka companies use!

Final Thoughts: Organic, complex and interesting- a highly unusual combination!


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