Ocucaje Pure Pisco – Vina Ocucaje

  • Rating: 7
  • Value: 9
Proof: 89.6 (44.8%)
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $13.99 750 ML
Price Range:

Definitely a good cheap Pisco (which is a rare combination)

NotesPisco is a form of brandy, in that it is distilled from grapes. Made in Peru and Chile, there is wide disagreement as to who has better quality Pisco. I have heard conflicting reports from both sides-so obviously we need to do more hands on research to settle this question. It is similar Grappa or Marc in some ways, including the wild variation of quality depending on who makes it.

Once considered a “poor man’s drink” in the areas of South America where they did not grow sugarcane, and a favorite of Hemingway – probably because it was cheap. It had a brief flare of popularity in California during the Gold Rush as passing ships loaded up on it and took it to San Francisco. After that period, it became a curiosity in North America and rarely found. It is now enjoying a renaissance in cocktail circles as a versatile and interesting spirit.

Appearance: Perfect clarity, bright. Light coating on the glass when you swirl it, long legs then droplets forming.

First Impression: Almonds, lemon balm, savory notes on nosing. Slight bite when drinking straight (as opposed to throat clutching, coughing etc.,with the cheaper stuff). Nicely weighted body to it, with a slightly nut buttery mouth feel, nice tingle on the tongue.

Taste: Savory, lime salt, touch of vanilla/oak, lingering notes of tobacco (?), Medium-length finish.

Drinks: Of course we had to try it in the more or less signature Pisco Sour and the classic Pisco Punch both of which were excellent.

Cigars: Works well with a mild cigar.

Final Thoughts: Definitely a good cheap Pisco (which is a rare combination) less money than many of the other contenders and nicely finished. Another advantage to this spirit being cheap is you can experiment with it and not worry as much about regrettable outcomes.

Bottle:The bottle cylindrical clear glass with slightly flared bottom and short neck .Rather distinctive shape with Ocucaje in raised letters towards bottom on back.Papr label is somewhat reminiscent more of a wine label then a liquor label.crew cap closure with dark brown neckwrap-vina ocacaje in gold letters on shoulder of neck wrap.

Web site: (Importer) or (Producer)

Not a lot of information on the importer website about the Pisco – but it does show some of their other products.

The producer’s website is only in Spanish – no English translation.

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