Old Crow Bourbon

  • Rating: 2
  • Value: 3
Ingredients: , , ,
Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 3 Years (Legal Minimum)
Price: $ 12.00 -Liter
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Old Crow lacks character- even bad character- it’s just bland, harsh and ultimately pointless.

Notes: The name of this Bourbon is one of the original Bourbons- the child of Dr. James Crow, a Scotsman who came to America and started producing Old Crow in 1835. Dr.Crow is credited with the concept of Sour Mash (or setback), a process similar to sourdough where part of a batch of product (in this case the fermented “beer”) is used to start the next batch.

Appearance: Yellow color – a younger whisky than some we have tried recently (older whisky has more of a red shift in the color). Bannana smell from a poor distillation, not a lot of wood notes on nosing. Thin edge line on the glass when you swirl it, smooth layer of whisky on swirling, some legs.

First Impression: Thin body, sweet bannana, fruity, caramel notes in both the taste and smell.

Taste: Corn, oak and some sweetness to it. Slight fruity notes.Short finish.

Drinks: Why bother? It would just disappear in mixing.

Cigars: No.

Final Thoughts: A sad ghost of its former self.Youngish with edges – and off putting. This used to be a quality whisky back before National refurbished the distilleryand changed the formula, and then Jim Beam bought it out, adding to it’s pathetic state. Jim Beam doesn’t even acknowledge it – the only Old Crow site I can find is in Japanese and about I’m not sure what it is even about.

But the brand is so ignored, even Jim Beam has not tried to sue the owner for copyright ingringement. This whiskey has been abandoned to wither and die. I guess maybe a vodka drinker might like it, but it is just a cheap, watered down, light whiskey not worthy of the name bourbon. While it is not entirely objectionable it lacks character- even bad character- it’s just bland, harsh and ultimately pointless.

Bottle: Plain looking, uninspired and soulless-I personally miss the old look and feel of the traditional old bottle – it was a nice holdover and in style with the whisky it contained.

Web siteNONE – see above.

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