Old Fitzgerald Bottled In Bond Fall 2020 Edition

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
Ingredients: , ,
Proof: 100 (50%)
Age: 14 Years
Price: $140 750 ML
Price Range:

A nice release but the price is a bit much for what it is IMHO. I think this will be one for the collectors and not one for people who want to drink them.

Notes: Old Fitzgerald is an older brand by bourbon standards,. Old Fitzgerald was acquired by Heaven Hill in 1999 to add to their stable of already very solid to great brands. Heaven Hill itself dates back to 1932 and the repeal of Prohibition.

This is a Bottled In Bond bottling of bourbon that is fourteen years old (making it a mid to older release of this series) and uses wheat in the mashbill to reduce the spiciness that a heavy rye version of bourbon can have.
This version was made in the Fall of 2005 and bottled in the Fall of 2020 making it 14 years old. Pulled from multiple barrels from multiple warehouses and floors from these warehouses, it represents an achievement in blending to make the release consistent. It is the 6th release of this particular bourbon nationally. It is also the first 14 year old released on a national basis ( the other 14-year-old was distillery center and Kentucky release only)

Appearance: Clear gold yellow with some redshift in it compared to the younger (9-year-old) Spring release in the glass, on swirling it leaves a medium-thick coat with no separation and slowly forms thick legs on the meniscus.

First Impression: Somewhat aromatic if a bit light with honey, cedar, some vanilla, caramel, and some oak char, tobacco notes coming through. Sweeter and less drying than the previous release.

Taste: Sweet entry at first with a hint of vanilla, ginger followed by corn, and a drying cedar-like finish towards the end. After a mellow start, the whiskey starts to warm rapidly and has a somewhat warmer finish. Adding a little water or an ice cube opens it up very nicely.

Drinks: Makes a nice Manhattan but given the price, I would stick with a snifter or favorite nosing glass only.

Bottle: Cannot comment as they did not send a production bottle.

Other: This is our 27th review of Heaven Hill Products. Please check our other reviews ( look for Elijah Craig, Evan Williams, Bernheim, Larceny, Parker Heritage. Pikesville, and Rittenhouse Rye among others).

Final Thoughts: Definitely a completely different animal from this years earlier release. While I think it is a great improvement over the Spring release it comes in at a ( to me) whopping price of $140 a bottle.

While this is consistent with the 9-year-old at $90 a bottle ( so $10 a year) that seems like a lot for bourbon – even a good number of Scotch whiskys can be had for less per year premium.

Website: This is a direct link to the Old Fitzgerald pages. If you back up you can see all their brands – which are quite a few!

Both this link and the other pages have a plethora of information and photos. Well laid out and fast loading, Heaven Hill has one of the easier to navigate and visually pleasing websites in the industry.


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