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Proof: 70 (35% )
Age: Not Applicable
Price: $ 25 750 ML
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Made completely from Temple oranges and nothing else.

NotesThis is a liqueur made from the maceration (basically soaking in alcohol) of Florida Temple Orange peels, in a base that is made from the distillation of Temple Oranges made in a pot still on premises.It does not use bulk ethanol and chemical flavors like some (O.K. most ) of its competitors. It uses a much more true (but expensive) process .

AppearanceClear bright yellow (from the orange oil), on swirling it leaves a thick clear coat on the inside of the glass and shows some legs. However, it is well blended in that the essential oils do not separate from the alcohol base- a difficult trick to accomplish.

First Impression: Intense heavy bouquet of oranges real oranges and intense aromatic oils hints of alcohol tiptoeing around the edges of the ponderous weight of orange. The use of oranges rather than a cheap grain to make the alcohol base is readily apparent in th softness of the alcohol, it lacks the sharpness found in many others.

TasteCoats the tongue with the flavor of oranges with a slight burnt tang to it (the result of charcoal filtering of the base alcohol?), it is reminiscent of some of the single estate orange liqueurs of Portugal. It lacks the over the top sugariness of Contreau and is a simultaneously simple and complex interplay of orange oils coupled with a subtle alcohol base. The body is almost syrup like as it slides down the throat, and a slight alkali aftertaste on the tongue that lets you know this was made from the real thing.

DrinksIt could replace Cointreau or Grand Marnier for the orange liqueur component of a cocktail, (and at a considerable cost savings) while it lacks some of the complexity of Grand Marnier this could be an advantage depending on what drink you are making. Works very well with Tequila.

Final Thoughts: A great value for the money – yeah it’s more expensive then Triple Sec or Curacao, but infinitely better- but cheaper than Cointreau or Grand Marnier especially when you consider the proof and amount ratiost s quite competitive. Also in the amounts you would use it would you are talking pennies per drink difference. Also since this is made exclusively from Temple Oranges -even the base alcohol -it would probably be safe for celiacs or others looking for a wheat free product, another bonus

Bottle: Currently the bottle looks like a piece of lab ware,or a old pharmacy bottle, cylindrical with rounded shoulders with an orange real cork with wood cap arched style label with gold border labels front and back.

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