Ouzon Soda

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  • Value: 8
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Price: $ 6.99 4 pack of 12 fluid oz bottles
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All natural/organic, refreshing, and a great mixer or spritzer choice.

Notes: Ouzon Soda made by OPA! Originals, Inc a local Rochester New York company, is an interesting and refreshing addition to you cabinet of mixers to make a craft cocktail.

Appearance: Clear with the merest suggestion of a tint to it from the organic star anise tea used to make it.

First Impression: Aromatic star anise/licorice notes, very clean and distinct notes of star anise

Taste: Anise and pure sugar, not the sticky taste of corn syrup , unlike a lot of soda, good and not overdone carbonation with a lingering taste of anise but not clingy or syrupy in any way. Very refreshing and clean tasting.

Drinks: A nice way to add anise flavor (and bubbles) without resorting to anisette, absinthe or ouzo. Also given the fact this is a relatively new product, any cocktail you come up with will be original and you can claim as your own. Has a number of characteristics that make it similar to Birch Beer, an uncomplicated type of sarsaparilla, or a white root beer if that helps get your imagination going. A great topper for a lot of fizz, highball or aperitif type cocktails among others.

Bottle: A somewhat standard 12 oz clear glass bottle, cylindrical with tapering starting at shoulder to a screw off cap. Simple,uncluttered graphic and a neck label showing their Beverage World Bronze Bev Star Award from 2011.

Other:  Made from all natural and organic ingredients unlike the majority of sodas currently available.

Final Thoughts: Well done, organic, refreshing on its own or as a mixer, what could be better?


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