Papas Pilar Platinum Blonde Rum Limited Edition

  • Rating: 8
  • Value: 7
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Classification: ,
Proof: 92 (46)
Age: 3 to 7 year old rums blended to profile
Price: $29.99 750 ML
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Very flavorful, complex and nicely structured, and not overly sweet. Just the way we like our blondes – of any kind.

Notes: Papas Pilar Platinum Blonde Rum is a blend of three to seven-year-old column distilled rums aged and blended Solera style then finally blended to profile. The profile is modeled after a Cuban style rum which, generally speaking, means a light to medium weight, color, and mouthfeel in the rum spectrum. They say this rum comes to its color naturally, but there is no legal requirement for disclosure for rum in many things. I will not venture an opinion at least it is light enough to be believed. The darker the rum, the less it can be trusted sometimes. A double wood/cask rum this rum has seen the inside of ex-bourbon barrels, and finally, a sherry cask finish. The 5 countries/origin of the blend is the same but the ratios, age, time, and temperature are not. It is also released at a slightly higher proof – 92 proof or 46 % – than their standard 84 proof or 42 %

Appearance: Very light gold color – as it should be – a tan yellow. On swirling it leaves a nice medium coat, slightly oily body, with legs rapidly forming then leaving a constellation of droplets on your glass. In general a nice and pleasing presentation.

First Impression: Bit of a (natural) spice bomb with a host of intriguing aromas.Citrus, wood, mint, sherry, leather, tropical fruit, Meyer limes, vanilla, traces of mint, cane, caramel, nutmeg,

Taste: Very much in harmony with the bouquet, with the addition of marzipan/almonds, tropical fruit, Conepas ( Carribean version of Lychees)bit of an alkali bite/tang with drying wood notes lingering pleasantly with the fruit notes.

Drinks: Finally a decent rum at a higher proof that has a lot of complexity but can play well with the other ingredients in a cocktail. While this rum is heavy on character, it is not some syrupy caramel mess.

It does well in Daquiris, especially in a Hemingway Daiquiri of course, along with the swizzle they suggest on their website and hang tag.

Bottle: Can’t say – they only sent a sample bottle.

Cigars: Goes nicely with a Dominican or Nicaraguan torpedo or corona. Stick with a lighter, maybe a sunshade wrapper so as not to overwhelm the subtlety.

Final Thoughts: Well done and complex rum. They have struck a nice balance on aging and proof and come up with a rum that can be enjoyed on its own but also mixes well while retaining its unique identity and not overshadowing the other ingredients or disappearing. Also, the price is modest for the amount of effort, time, and overall quality.

Also, the rum was developed with the Hemingway Family and estate and part f the profits are donated to various charities near and dear to the Hemingway family and estate.


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