Partida Reposado

  • Rating: 9
  • Value: 8
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Proof: 80 (40%)
Age: 6 months
Price: $ 58.00 - 750 ML
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A pretty outstanding reposado.

Notes: This tequila is produced in Jalisco, the heart of tequila country. This is the Reposado (Rested) expression of this particular line. The others being Partida Silver or Blanco and Partida Anejo. The agave used for this tequila is grown entirely on their single estate in volcanic soil and allowed to reach the age of 10 years – a unusually long time for most tequila – allowing it to absorb and develop more flavor. It is then harvested and slow cooked for 20 hours in steel ovens and distilled twice.They use stainless steel stills so it has a brighter taste than some using copper stills. (I personally think there is reaction between the copper and the distillate which is good if not mandatory for whiskey, but not so good with tequila and certain other distillates). This version is then allowed to age for 6 months in bourbon barrels. It is then hand bottled on the estate.

Appearance: Luscious light yellow sap / sauterne gold in the bottle and light straw gold in the glass. Lovely medium-to-heavy (for tequila) body. On swirling, it leaves a very light coating on the glass, with legs forming slowly.

First Impression: Sea salt, pepper and oak notes mixing with hints of fruit and creamy or oily nuts. Volcanic soil gives a wonderful unique mineral scent that shines through.

Taste: Great mouth feel,light entry, silky with a trail of cocoa, vanilla bean, vegetable alkaloid type notes, sweet brine, touch of lemon verbena with Provence herbs. Finish is drying with sweet and alkali, oak pepper, minerals, buttery nuts, leather, apricots and tobacco. Long lingering finish.

Drinks: Really a bit too smooth to use anything calling for much fruit juice or frozen drinks. Use it before and after dinner, first as an aperitif, then as digestif. The unique minerally taste of this tequila is best appreciated straight up.

Cigars: Goes well with a medium Joya de Nicaragua or Ashton.

Bottle: Clear smooth glass not the usual recycled coke bottle glass everyone else seems to use, so you can get better look at the tequila. Flattened tear drop
flask. Nice heft to it, heavy footed base accomplishes a number of things at once: 1. It looks nice, 2. Hard for people to knock over, 3. Can be used to punish anyone severely who knocks it over. A very nice presentation and looks good on the bar.

Simple hang tag with bird you (or your children) can hang off one of your piercings later. Labeling is mostly silk screened on so as not to obscure the tequila. Stopper is real cork with engraved wood top to give it a nice touch. Great bottle to reuse for olive oil or whatever else you want.

Final Thoughts: Damned nice tequila! A very refined and gentlemanly Reposado. The volcanic soil the agave is grown in shine through giving it a unique terroir through the flavor profile.

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